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onchainer mints 路 week 2

new mints with $degen on highlight, ripe, UFO and more

Thank you all 11 people for subscribing to onchainer! Humble beginnings, as I like it.

Here're 13 things that I minted this week

This interactive swatches mint

Rainbow + Outlands by sum collab

This Melt Into Pepe generative series

degenerating by @usersteen.eth

I've been a subscriber of steen for almost 2 months now and the way he's sharing photography have caught my eye already.

Now this purple mint is out with the highlight's release to accept degen to mint.

Now even better - official highlight commemoration mint on the feature release

Possibilities by @outcasts.eth

Another mint by sum with the launch of mint with degen

This Potion

Was free and waitlisted for Degentlemen PFP collection owners and 250 degen during public release.

Woldcoin announced new Ethereum L2 coming this summer

With a mint on zora! Only caveat that kept me from minting it is that it's on ETH L1

This unrevealed something from @traf

From creator of basedpunks that were a hit last week

These optimists by @ripe

444 pieces, 2222 $higher each, sold out quickly, floor is 5x that on secondary now.

The collection was being iterated on openly in the /higher channel for weeks before release.

It's the first PFP collection for higher also?!

This treasure hunt game piece mint

Idea here was that you have to mint 1 or 5 pieces of the image, and then only you can see the written words (pieces of the words) on those pieces you hold, no one else could see them, so you have to communicate it to others or publish a frame.

This UFO supporter pass on hypersub

Sleek onchain radio station, zine and club for music, arts and ideas since 2022

  • Supporter access for the new version of

  • Club benefits from UFO sponsors

  • Exclusive live broadcasts

  • Podcast mints airdrop on autopilot

  • Early access for releases

  • Priority for events

  • 20% off UFO merch

This presentation by Jesse

Jesse was speaking in NYC, that had a live stream too, then shared his deck to mint on zora.

This best buds by @yonfrula

Thank you!

Hope you enjoyed.

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Have a wonderful week ahead!

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