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Mints of the week & Alfafrens

onchainer · week 3

Warm welcome to a few new people subscribed since last week!

Hope you all had an amazing week, let's scroll through ↓

What I've minted this week

These Based Opepens

Not new but I haven't minted those yet.

Open edition (forever) with a huge amount of mints and unique minters.


Colors of these are generated based on the tx hash.

32+ words in GAIAN language from le frame

A bunch of Farcards

Check my collection here:

(replace number in the URL to your FID to see yours)

Higher together from basepaint

This collaboration from @sum and alfafrens

Muse <> Proxy

Dedicated to the launch of - uniswap v3 fork by proxystudio with FBI, seems like become already to be the leading DEX on Degen L3

Talent protocol NFT

There's an IRL event hosted by Talent protocol next Sunday, I've looked into the protocol and engaged with tasks there just 1 day before the closing lol, barely made it, curious what it'll turn into, seems like it has gotten a lot of attention to kick off it's further growth.

If you want to look more into it, search for Talent Protocol on Farcaster

One Gnar

Entered my first DAO from Nouns builder. Nouns got some great infrastructure and user experience in it's apps.


I'm a fan of those generated series on highlight so couldn't go pass this one haha

Playpepen 6

A tool for making and remixing Opepens, in browser, as NFT

Matcha x Degen

Commemorating collaboration featured by @jacek


One of the highlights of my web3 journey already. Being early to get in, earn $alfa and stake it into my channel got me to the top 1 high $alfa leaderboard initially.

What is it?

alfafrens is a new project powered by superfluid - streaming degen.

What it does?

You subscribe to people's channels and earn $alfa and get access to the private chat.

Why I think it hasn't reached the peak yet

1. alfafrens is invite only for now with new invites coming no earlier than late next week

2. servers aren't handling the load, devs expanding it constantly

3. $alfa airdrops are coming next week

4. People sharing actual alpha in the channels so it's good to browse them through and even ask questions yourself - it's very active there, even with how slow it currently works.

5. Volume going to increase by a lot when more invites get issued or when app opens to public

Thank you!

Been a hell of a week, I was able to get big volumes of design work out too, excited for the future, as always, keep on pushing.

Appreciate each one of you reading till the end.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! On my mind now figuring ways to reward you for engaging with what I put out.


Feel free to ask anything about what I've written about or biggest things I haven't seen and minted over the week, let's make it more valuable to everyone!

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