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Minted This Week + Alfafrens Guide + Bonus: Product Review

onchainer · week 4

Warm welcome to 6+ new people subscribed since last week!

Hope you all had an amazing week, let's scroll through mints first ↓

Degen punks

Are picking up steam on Degen L3, Friday morning I got a few from the auction (second post below) for around 600 $degen, by the evening they're selling for 1500 $degen

Number of sales exceeds 1500 already.

Pokemon card from this frame

$35 is a higher price to gamble on and I ended up getting a card worth $17

It's a bit tricky that you get the card on Polygon, a bit messy experience but it seems like you're really purchasing a real pokemon card that can be shipped to you?!

Mind waves

Because of an allowlist from subscription to patrons of blue by @priyanka

Candy perl booster

Introducing Kiosk

A new Farcaster client where social meets onchain

Minted from the announcement on mirror featured in this post

Born to build

By talentprotocol

Noun cafe

Sickest logo I've seen in some time


Farcaster Jaguar update mint

Protocol whitepaper from @ciniz

ottoDAO announcement

ENS anniversary mint

Seize the $degen

This iceberg /5 shared by @icebergy

Somehow I missed /3 and /4, and /3 srarts from 0.55 ETH on secondary now

@icebergy is posting so much you can easily miss it lol

Zora account to see how many you got:

zorb - coinbase wallet launching zora support

This based merch OG NFT

Giving you discounts and other benefits later on, learn more from zora:

This 360 piece from dos.eth

Allows you to post in /360 at minimum

seems like dos is going harder on that 360 concept lol, another mfer just out

aaand another one, not sure if they'll be something but people seem to like it and to me it seems like an interesting concept as well

Farcon card from floc

Hat from hats protocol

Onchain Summer Is Back

Mint NFT:

The product I've been enjoying this week - CasterBites

Here's my first review of a farcaster native product

If you're reading most of your emails like me, this is a really efficient way to stay up to date on some of the farcaster things you can otherwise miss out on.

The way it works is that it sends out an email to you daily or weekly based on your preferences

Email looks like a summary of mostly 4 references

And also some really useful stats

And, lastly, your personal stats

CasterBites is being built by @loverajoel

Alfafrens guide v1

This week I've also published a beginners guide on alfafrens growth, mechanics and first steps.

Sub to us on Alfafrens

Get early previews of the articles coming out, typically 2 days before public.

Send private feedback or high value mints you'd add.

Sub to maxsl.eth on alfafrens

To support what I've doing, get personal updates and more alpha.

Being early allowed me to be higher there, without much of a following on farcaster

As of this writing I'm sitting in the top 30 by top Income on alfafrens.

Thank you!

This week I've minted and supported quite a bit of products, went on an IRL meetup.

As always, keep on pushing higher ↑

Appreciate each one of you reading till the end.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!


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