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What I've minted this week + Frames I've interacted with

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As a small bonus for reading this week, I'm sharing 2 alfafrens invite codes at the bottom of this edition, first come first serve.


2 Basepaint artworks

This one can be worth printing out and hanging on a wall

Pixel Nouns

Interesting concept for minting generative art, there's been multiple rounds with each one having a different way to mint, check out this post to learn more and go to /pixelnouns

Created by me

Minted by @jessepollack and picked up by more people after made it the most successful mint I've put out to date!

Minted on Zora

Not minted but considered


Personal note

This week I've been diving into the network state online book, founder of which, Balaji, is active on farcaster. Dreaming about where we can be living in only a few years and how we can get closer to that reality right now.

Joined Purple DAO by winning this amazing NFT from auction

Thank you!

Excited for the future, as always, keep on pushing.

Appreciate each one of you reading till the end.

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Maksim Β· maxsl.eth

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