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Introduction & Unique Aspects

Osschain is a multi-faceted technology enterprise encompassing specialized ventures. The ecosystem is powered by the OSS Token, enabling streamlined transactions and added utility across platforms.

Brief History & Major Events

OSSChain was conceived with a vision to streamline the fragmented digital landscape. Key milestones include the launch of our OSS$ token, facilitating unified transactions across services, and the introduction of a unified user profile system, simplifying user interaction across platforms.


OSS$ Token: More than a cryptocurrency, OSS$ is a utility token that enables purchases, engagement, and rewards within our ecosystem.

Diverse Services: Our ecosystem meets a wide range of digital needs, providing efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Convenience: All-encompassing platform saves users time and effort.

  • Security: Blockchain technology ensures data and transaction security.

  • Innovation: Continuous evolution to offer the latest in technology.


  • Learning Curve: Comprehensive services may require an adjustment period for new users.

  • Dependency: Heavy reliance on our ecosystem's stability due to the integration of all services.

Technical Description

Utilizes the Polygon blockchain, known for scalability and security.
The OSS$ token, an ERC-20 token, facilitates seamless transactions.
Smart contracts ensure transparency and trust.

Future Plans, Goals, & Objectives

Expansion of service range and exploration of new technological frontiers. Establishment of global partnerships to broaden our reach.
Aiming to make OSSChain a household name in digital convenience

Base Info

Token name: OSSChain

Symbol: OSS

Chain: Polygon MATIC

Contract Address: 0x655304E9Cc103b47f0afa0825767D6cCe426717C

Max Supply: 200 000 000

Decimal: 18

Is open source? ✅ Is open source

Mobula fi -

CoinBrain -

Coinscope -

Liquidity pools

MATIC/OSS on Sushiswap -

MATIC/OSS on Quickswap -

Links & Resources

🌐 Official website:

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📡 Official Github:

🐦 Official Twitter:

🕹 Discord channel:

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