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Snapshot 012

Welcome back, Outcasters! This week, we’re in for a visual treat curated by Chris Carella, a renowned artist within the Farcaster community and the co-founder of Purple DAO. Chris also serves as the Head of Product at CharmVerse, an innovative web3 community operation platform. When he's taking breaks from advancing and expanding the Farcaster ecosystem, you’ll find him sharing some seriously dope hip-hop playlists, like this one here. Now, let's dive into the curated gems that Chris has prepared for us. This is snapshot 012:

Cover Art: "Nu Urban Abstract 0001" by Chris Carella

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Snapshot 012 (Sept 24 - Sept 30, 2023)
Total Casts - Including Replies: 34,832
Total Casts - Excluding Replies: 11,588

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