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The latest version of the Farcaster protocol, known as Elephant, has been released! This week, Warpcast introduced a new feature called passkeys, which automatically backs up your Farcaster recovery phrase to your iCloud Keychain. You will still retain control over the phrase, and it will be secured by FaceID, eliminating the need for you to remember a password.

In the coming week, the Farcaster network will enable permissionless sign-ups, eliminating any dependencies on Warpcast. To prepare for this significant event, Dan and Bill hosted a live discussion on Aburra. They covered various topics, including permissionless sign-up, storage costs, quality daily active user (DAU) growth, channels, passkeys, forking Farcaster, and signers.

PS: I wrote this message while listening to George Ko's live piano performance of Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Cover Art: "The Other Side" by ghostlinkz

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Snapshot 013 (Oct 01 - Oct 07, 2023)
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