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A week after enabling permissionless sign-ups, the Farcaster network experienced a notable increase in new user registrations, primarily coming from a new client called Flink. As of four days ago, more than 4,500 storage units were acquired at a price of $7 each. However, the network did encounter a minor issue, with Farcaster Hubs experiencing frequent restarts and a delay of nearly 20 minutes in message transmission between apps. Varun wrote a brief summary detailing what transpired and the team's strategies for preventing similar incidents in the future.

This week, I also suggest exploring AMAs conducted by Dan, Greg, Carlos, and Brian, all while enjoying these fantastic mixes. And if you share my enjoyment of browsing Warpcast on the web, you might want to give the desktop app a try!

Cover Art: "Nova Synthia" by ghostlinkz

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Snapshot 015 (Oct 15 - Oct 21, 2023)
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