Preview: NFT NYC 2023

Blockchain powered culture, community & art in the big apple

Photo by Ferdinand Stöhr

With so much energy invested by the ecosystem cultivating the advancement of digital experiences, products, and services it is a blessing to come together to celebrate milestones — and set new ones. 

The most creative, passionate, people on the planet are congregating around rapidly evolving technology at the frontier of human innovation to craft novel solutions to real world problems. As importantly, to creatively express ideas in previously unimagined ways that unlock new forms of communication, connection, and collaboration. 

It’s my first time visiting the big apple, & I could not be more excited to immerse myself in a week-long series of events and activities designed to showcase the latest and greatest in the world of blockchain, NFTs, Web3 and the new internet. Here’s what’s popping across NFT NYC 2023. 

Monday, April 10th

Photo by Chris Benson

Games Hackathon: 9am

An event focused on the intersection of gaming coding, music and investment. Hosted by HER DAO, a diverse developer DAO focused on supporting women to become builders in the space. Official sponsors are: Polygon, Near, ALGORAND, KOINOS, XMTP & Accumulate with a prize pool of over $20,000, this hackathon is free and open to all. Attendees will learn how to create music for games, explore the use of blockchain in gaming, and even build their own ledger from scratch.

Not building a game? Whether your solution incorporates messaging, music, payments, digital identity or zero knowledge — all solutions at the intersection of gaming are welcome e.g. the Music NFT track — artists with tracks or compositions that can be used in gaming; VC founders pitching session with high profile VCs; etc. 

Community partner @web3beach
Track: Open innovation REFI challenge
Prize Pool: Up to 4 free Scuba courses+ accommodation (approx $2,500) 🤿

Art Official Intelligence @thegallerydao
Track: Open AI Gaming Innovation 
Prize pool: $1500

Partnership with @Ledger
Gifting hackers at the NFT NYC Games Jam a ledger 
Registered hackers who sign in 9–10am @Settlers_build receive one

Tuesday, April 11th

Photo by Wells Baum

Global NFT Community Meetup: 9am-1030am

Dispatch Studio: 2–4pm 

Bright Moments: 6pm - 9pm

EQUALIZE NFT.NYC w/ BRUX + DOT: 8pm to 2am

NFT.NYC Times Square Roadblock: 8:30pm - 9:30pm

  • Times Square, 1 Times Sq, New York, NY 10036, USA

  • NFTs displayed throughout multiple billboards in Times Square

Music Movement: 9pm-12am

Wednesday, April 12th

Photo by Alex Haney 

Tezos NFT Summit 10am

Proof of People: 12pm

Dispatch Studio: 1–630pm

NFT LES: 5pm — 2am

DND Founder Pass Dinner & Open To All Showcase: 5pm — 11pm

Cardano NFT NYC Kickoff Party: 6pm-9pm

Songcamp x CHAOS @ Public Records: 9pm — 1am

  • Songcamp & Catalog, two champions of onchain music, are bringing back-to-back IRL soundtracks to two of Brooklyn’s most striking venues: the superspeaker haven of Public Records’ wood-paneled Sound Room, and the webbed-beam chamber hall at National Sawdust.

  • Songcamp presents CLUB CHAOS


  • Tickets:

Thursday, April 13th

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX 

SimpleHash Networking Breakfast: 8am

  • Hosted by SimpleHash, the premier multi-chain NFT API provider


  • Casual networking event to exchange ideas & collaborate

Women’s Breakfast Club: 930am

Tezos NFT Summit: 10am

StapleVerse x Stadium Goods: 11am-3pm

  • Founded by streetwear icon Jeff Staple

  • Immersive meet and greet during NFT NYC 23!

AlgoHouse: NYC: 12pm-8pm

AI & NFTs: the frontier of the crypto creator economy: 4pm - 6pm

  • How AI is impacting the crypto creator economy with Worldcoin, BottoDAO, and Sasha Stiles, moderated by Variant co-founder Li Jin.

  • Details:

Club CPG Networking Happy Hour: 430pm - 630pm

  • Selina Chelsea, 518 W27th Street, 10001

  • With partners HerHouse and Thirdweb

  • Free Co-working lounge 9am - 5pm 12th to 14th April

NFT LES: 5pm — 2am

The Nifty Portal: 5pm - 730pm

Portraits of Women in Web3: 6pm — 9pm

ENS Happy Hour: 6pm — 9pm


  • ​​Three hours of beers, cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres.

  • ​​Conversations about all things ENS

  • ​​POAP for attendees

  • ​​Direct all questions to limes.eth

Songcamp x CATALOG @ National Sawdust: 8pm — 12am

  • Songcamp & Catalog, two champions of onchain music, are bringing back-to-back IRL soundtracks to two of Brooklyn’s most striking venues: the superspeaker haven of Public Records’ wood-paneled Sound Room, and the webbed-beam chamber hall at National Sawdust.

  • Songcamp x Catalog present CONVERGENCE @ National Sawdust


  • Tickets:

Burn Ghost Games Launch Party: 8pm — 12am

  • Lume Studios, NYC

  • Burn Ghost founders, partners, and community evening of cocktails, a live DJ, experiential interactive exhibits, and more.

Friday, April 14th 

Photo by Ling Tang

Lunch Run 🏀 by y00ts athletics: 11am - 1pm

The Canal Street Show: 7pm - 12am

  • Live auctions, poaps, giveaways and 4 great NFT exhibits

  • Botto DAO meet up

  • 393 Broadway, Lume Studios, Eden Loft (2nd Floor)

Creator Nations: 6pm - 9pm

Songcamp Studio Day & Metalabel Karaoke Party

See Art

Web3 Job Fair

  • Javits Center, Second Floor, 655 West 34th Street

  • NFT Headshot photography; Build Your Own Avatar; Resume help; Proof-of-Attendance badges; Swag; Music; speaker sessions (web3 careers); networking

  • Apply at for a $29 pass by uploading resume

Saturday, April 15th

Photo by carly johnston

Zeneca Academy Meet Up: 1pm - 3pm

Farcaster Meet Up: 5pm-8pm

Black Box NFT Festival: April 12th - 15th @ 5:30 PM

  • The Lower Draw Gallery, 134 Eldridge St, NY

  • 17 + artists presentations + countless works of art (photography specially)

  • Violetta Zironi performance @ 6pm

Metablaze One Day Immersive Experience

A special thanks to the Songcamp DAO which passed a special snapshot vote to subsidise travel to NFT NYC for its members. Without this many of us would not be attending. Many/most of these events above are also free to attend which massively heightens accessibility with encouragement to engage by bringing our most curious and outlandish perspectives, deep experience, and diverse backgrounds to bear pushing the space forwards. 

This speaks to the communal ethos at the heart of web3, symbolised in crazy energetic discords; the discussions and debates on twitter spaces; the support and encouragement of telegram groups, coming together to GM collectively whilst simultaneously co-create, learn and experiment. 

Learn about Songcamp:

Other NFT, Crypto & Web3 experiences: Bright Moments London, Proof Of People London, Berlin — In Touch, Amsterdam — NxtMuseum

HIFI LABS created a map of all the music on at NFT NYC:

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