How Google ☁️ supports Web3

Web3 search, email and chat coming soon.

Last Thursday I was traveling around my home country Bulgaria and didn’t have the necessary time to send the newsletter. Today I’m back with three interesting advancements in the world of Web3.

Starting a company could be challenging. Unless you have the right business partners next to you.

Get the technology, community, and resources you need to build. Our Web3 startup program gives you up to $200,000 USD over 2 years for Google Cloud and Firebase usage, access to our Discord channel, foundation grants, VIP event access, and more.

According to the Google for Startups Cloud Program, Web3 projects and startups can access benefits that give them the technology, community, and resources they need.

If only I was able to participate in it 🙄

What if you could search Ethereum as easily as asking ChatGPT?

According to the founder Jason Goldberg, Airstack has been in development for a year. Lately, the team has been running a private developer beta while they continue to fine tune the product.

I’m not a developer but I’m fascinated by people using computer code to manifest whatever they want. It’s like magic to me 🪄

WalletConnect is launching a Web3 email and chat app?

According to WalletConnect’s team, we will be able subscribe to push notifications directly from different Web3 apps. Also, it will be possible to start a conversation by messaging an Ethereum wallet address.

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