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CARV: Airdrop Explained & SOUL Guide

A generous airdrop is incoming. CARV is a platform for both crypto enthusiasts and gamers alike. Start claiming SOUL now, ready to trade for the $ARC token.

A generous airdrop is incoming. CARV is a platform for both crypto enthusiasts and gamers alike. Start claiming SOUL now, ready to trade for the $ARC token.


CARV is a groundbreaking platform that revolutionizes the use and sharing of data in gaming and AI, ensuring privacy, ownership, and control for individuals, and offering a user-centric, intent-based value exchange platform for true data self-sovereignty.

They are running a campaign where users collect SOUL in anticipation for the upcoming airdrop of their $ARC token. SOUL will be traded for $ARC but the exchange rate is currently undisclosed.

To start farming SOUL:

  • Head to CARV’s website and signup

  • mint your CARV ID

  • Complete the account setup tasks

  • Visit the SOUL Drop page and start collecting SOUL

  • Stake your collected SOUL at an extremely generous APR

  • Read the rest of this guide for full details

Do not fade this one. They have demonstrated remarkable generosity towards their users and supporters, and with a significant 24% allocation for the community, this is an opportunity you wouldn’t want to pass up.

What is CARV?

CARV is a revolutionary platform that serves as the largest modular data layer for gaming and AI. It’s transforming the way data is used and shared by ensuring privacy, ownership, and control are firmly in the hands of individuals. This innovative approach is pioneering a future where data generates value for all.

  • Control Your Data: Decide how your data is used and shared.

  • Protect Your Privacy: Ensure your personal information remains private.

  • Monetize Your Data: Earn a share of the profits generated from your data.

One of its key offerings is CARV Play, an AI-powered super app for gamer profiling, social, and game distribution. It’s built on top of the CARV Protocol, enabling gamers with seamless credential-based gaming experiences and empowering games with data-driven growth & intelligence.

Another notable feature of CARV is its platform for gaming credentials. It offers gamers the ability to bind web2 and web3 gaming activities in one place, enabling players with achievement display, semantic social, and access to gaming premiums.

In essence, CARV creates a user-centric, intent-based value exchange platform for true data self-sovereignty. It allows users to aggregate, control, and monetize their identity and data, and brands to access high-quality, ethically sourced zero-party data in a privacy-preserving manner. It’s truly a game-changer in the world of gaming and AI.

The Airdrop

To jumpstart its venture, CARV are providing a substantial SOUL airdrop, bestowing early backers with tokens that can be exchanged into the $ARC token at the time of platform launch.

The total supply of $ARC will be 1,000,000,000 and will become accessible over four years, starting at the time of the Token Generation Event.

While the exact allocation for the SOUL airdrop campaign is not yet known, their tokenomics say 24% of the supply (240,000,000 $ARC tokens) are set aside for the community.

“Community* - through various means to reward our community for their efforts in contributing to the project's success - 24% (240,000,000 $ARC tokens)”*

*          - From the whitepaper*

How to get started

Visit the CARV website, click ‘Login’ and connect your EVM wallet (e.g. Metamask)

Mint your CARV ID

With the tagline “Your all-in-one, privacy-preserving self-sovereign identity. Own, manage, and monetize your data!“ this unique digital identifier is your passport to the CARV universe and essential in order to be eligible for the campaign. There is a small fee for gas on the opBNB network. More information on CARV ID can be found here.

Head to the CARV ID page to mint yours.

Connect your accounts

To maximize the benefits of CARV, it’s recommended to link your social and gaming accounts, along with your wallets. If you possess a Steam profile, connecting it can be particularly beneficial. It enables you to ‘carv’ numerous badges derived from your gaming history, yielding rewards like gems, XP, and most crucially, SOUL.

Connecting accounts also increases the amount of SOUL you can mine (more on this later) and is part of the CARV Pass tasks, so connect everything you can.

(Note: You can bind multiple email addresses if desired)

Claim a .play name

While minting a .play name to tie to your CARV ID is not required, it might be a good idea to do so.

As time progresses, the availability of these names will decrease, reducing your opportunity to secure your preferred name, especially if CARV ascends to prominence, which is a very plausible scenario.

Moreover, the most sought-after names could potentially become quite valuable, so approaching this as an investment wouldn’t be frowned upon and there is no cap to how many you can purchase. After all, the future is full of surprises.

  • Head to the CARV airdrop page

  • Click ‘.Play Name Service‘ on the top navigation bar.

  • Choose your desired handle

  • If it is available click ‘Mint’

Pricing varies depending on the length of the handle. The pricing, at time of writing, is as follows:

  • 2 Characters = 1.7185083 BNB + Gas fee

  • 3 Characters = 0.8592542 BNB + Gas fee

  • 4 Characters = 0.4296271 BNB + Gas fee

  • 5 Characters = 0.1718508 BNB + Gas fee

  • 6 Characters = 0.0429627 BNB + Gas fee

  • 7+ Characters = 0.0085925 BNB + Gas fee

While a 2 digit name is quite expensive, this is normal from name services, the 7+ names are fairly cheap (just under $5 at time of writing), so it is most definitely worth grabbing at least 1 in our opinion.

A significant advantage is that, in contrast to other name services, these handles do not require an annual renewal. Therefore, once you acquire it, it’s yours for life.


Now that you have your account all set up, you can get into the juicy stuff. The obvious place to start is the free SOUL that you can mine daily. We use the term mine very loosely, it is more of a click and collect situation.

It is distributed across 4 chains and for 3 of them you will need a small amount of funds on each chain to pay for gas:

  1. Ronin (gas free) - you must download and connect the wallet to enable this

  2. opBNB

  3. zkSync

  4. Linea

The daily mining capacity is clearly indicated on the page and it progressively increases as your account levels up. This capacity is also influenced by accounts and wallets you connect.

  • Simply head to the SOUL Drop page and click ‘carv’ for each chain.

Don’t forget to visit daily, as it’s undoubtedly the quickest and most beneficial method to accumulate SOUL.

Complete quests, ‘carv’ badges, earn rewards

CARV offers more than just SOUL. By completing quests, users can earn XP and GEMS. XP aids in leveling up your account, which in turn increases the amount of SOUL you can mine. GEMS serve as a currency within the CARV universe. CARV also features a store where items such as raffle tickets, CARV cosmetics, games, and in-game items can be purchased.

The CARV ecosystem is teeming with quests and events, with new ones being added daily. It is also beneficial to join the CARV discord as a lot of events simply involve joining a voice or streaming channel and listening/watching. Put it on in the background if you wish and then just collect the rewards when they become available. There is a lot of these, so utilising the #game-calendar channel in the Discord server is a must, to keep on top of things.

If all that seems like too much work, don’t worry, there are plenty of other less time consuming tasks that you can do to boost your account and work your way through the season pass.

It is definitely worth levelling up your account, as this directly affects the amount of SOUL that you can mine daily. Higher Level = More SOUL.


The CARV Pass, or the season pass, allows you to collect XP, GEMs, SOUL and other rewards for completing tasks and levelling up your account. As of writing, season 4 has just come to its conclusion and season 5 should be kicking off sometime soon.

It is worth monitoring this as it offers extra tasks for things like completing quests, logging in daily, carving badges, etc. It is essentially rewards on top of rewards. It also offers weekly and monthly tasks which reset accordingly and can be repeated.

Making your way through the pass rewards you with things such as ‘Power’, mystery boxes, Discord roles, cosmetics, NFTs, XP, GEMs, SOUL and more.

We won’t go into to much detail on this as it is literally an entire article in itself, which can be viewed here. It is worth reading as it explains ‘Power’ and the reward system really well.

Carv your Steam badges

If you’ve linked your Steam account, a brief scan will reveal some badges eligible for ‘carving’. Engaging in this activity not only grants immediate rewards (XP, GEMs, SOUL), but also contributes to your statistics for the CARV Pass tasks. If your Steam account is connected, this step is highly recommended.

These can be found on your profile page, scroll down to ‘Generative Archive Token’ (GAT) and ‘Soulbound Badges‘ (SBT) to ‘carv’ yours.

Complete your daily check-ins

Be sure to visit your profile page daily to check-in. Hold your streak for max CXP. This also allows you to complete the ‘log in’ tasks in the CARV Pass.

Infinite Play (March 21st - April 21st)

For information on Infinite Play, see this article.

Dive into Infinite Play, CARV’s latest adventure, where you can Stake, Vote, Play, and Earn for endless fun!

It’s your game, your vote, and your rewards.

Stake your SOUL

With the recent introduction of the ‘Infinite Play’ event, you can now stake your SOUL for an extremely generous APR:

  • 30 Days: 60% APR

  • 60 Days: 96% APR

  • 90 Days: 150% APR

Staking also earns you voting tickets, which we will cover next.

  • Go to the SOUL Drop page and scroll down to the ‘Infinite Play‘ / ‘Staking‘ section.


Staking SOUL earns you voting tickets which you can use to vote for games. Voting for games can earn rewards from the makers of the games. See the Infinite Play article for more information.

  • Head to the SOUL Drop page and scroll down to the ‘Infinite Play‘ / ‘Voting‘ section.

You can also ‘join’ projects and complete more tasks and earn EXP. You can join as many projects as you want, beyond the projects you vote for, and complete their tasks.

SOUL Challenge

Here you can earn extra SOUL for tasks you have likely already completed.

  • Go to the SOUL Drop page and scroll down to the ‘SOUL Challenge‘ section.


The CARV universe is vast and teeming with possibilities. With so much to explore and engage in, it might initially seem daunting to newcomers. However, don’t let this deter you. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the landscape, and you’ll soon find your niche, making daily management a breeze. Whether you choose to cover the basics in a few minutes a day or delve deeper into quests, the choice is yours. For those who fully immerse themselves, expect to invest time in gaming, joining voice spaces, and participating in streaming spaces multiple times a day. Your level of engagement will ultimately depend on your personal circumstances and interests.

There’s a palpable sense of anticipation surrounding the CARV $ARC airdrop. The CARV team, known for their generosity and precision, has set the stage for something big. The community is already abuzz, particularly in Asia, with members dedicating hours each day to gaming together, joining spaces, and following each other’s live streams. The entire operation runs like a well-oiled machine, a testament to the quality and professionalism of its construction. CARV feels like a project with lofty ambitions and the longevity to see them through. It’s shaping up to be a potential benchmark in the Blockchain/Gaming/AI space. I would hesitate to fade this project.




DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that there is inherent risk associated with endeavors like this. Factors such as exploit vulnerabilities, rugpulls, contract risks, and liquidation events are always present. While we provide information, it is crucial to understand that any actions you take based on this information are entirely your own decision. We assume no responsibility if outcomes do not align with your expectations. Proceed with caution and conduct thorough research. Additionally, keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and prices can fluctuate rapidly.

AFFILIATES: This article may contain our affiliate links, and we would greatly appreciate it if you use them to show support for the time and effort we’ve put into gathering information and creating these articles. Your support means a lot to us!

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