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DFlow: A Solana based liquidity layer that drives better economics for market participants. Get early access and collect XP for the airdrop.


DFLOW is a Solana based liquidity layer that drives better economics for market participants.

DFlow is backed by some of the biggest VC’s such as Coinbase Ventures, Multicoin Capital, Framework Ventures, Circle, Wintermute among others.

Their XP point campaign has just gone live, it’s a similar model to the Blast campaign where you deposit funds and start earning points. The more points, the better your airdrop.

Signup here*: (Invite only)*

Invite codes, single use, fcfs: FTC7T4 J4QFTJ T43CJN D6GJ8A DV4VSD F09BV6 JU2M9U INJZXL 6FYUO4 1TDL4G QW75AZ 91TM8B 6VTIV4 C84DMN EEGG2Q BAQOA6 8F23SW UKYMD0 APYK73



The DFlow protocol protects DEX liquidity against toxic flow

Today, liquidity providers on decentralized venues don’t have strong guarantees about the toxicity of the order flow they’re asked to quote. Decentralized market structure makes it easy to extract value from CLOB market makers and AMM LPs.

The DFlow protocol is a defense layer around DEX liquidity. Through the supercharging of Solana’s liquidity layer with the DFlow protocol, users will see tighter spreads, dampened volatility, more efficient price discovery, more ever-present liquidity, and better trade execution quality.


The DFlow Segmenter

The DFlow Segmenter is the evolution of the traditional aggregator.

This next-generation DEX router, hand-crafted for Solana and accelerated by a network of the fastest GPUs, is powered by a new graph pathfinder algorithm which searches through every pocket of liquidity on Solana to construct the best trading routes, including across the latest DFlow-enabled DEX protocols.


With the DFlow mobile platform, seamless trading meets the best of Solana DeFi

The DFlow mobile app is a powerful trading platform, meticulously crafted for the most elegant mobile trading experience. Receive better prices and stronger liquidity enabled by the DFlow liquidity layer, trade with a simpler UX through account abstraction, and execute trades with precision - all localized for global users in 8+ languages.


Finally, we’re excited to announce DFlow XP

The long-term vision for the DFlow protocol is to build mature decentralized market structure through order flow segmentation. This is an enormous undertaking that is a major step towards making Solana’s DeFi execution competitive with traditional equities markets.

The mobile DFlow platform is a critical component of this long-term roadmap. For the first time, it will bring users to this new market structure, where they can trade against high-quality liquidity, while battle testing the protocol’s mechanisms.

DFlow XP are designed to help measure and reward the contributions of users in this journey. Today, traders can earn XP by signing up for early access, climbing the user referral leaderboard, and pre-funding their DFlow app.

Ways to earn XP:

  • Signing up for early access: Being an early access user of the DFlow app is a way to help spread the word about DFlow, give feedback on the UX, and build community.

  • Referrals and the referral leaderboard: Referring users to sign up for early access amplifies our ability to reach new users, grow the community, and build a better product. The referral leaderboard displays the top referrers, and rewards them with DFlow XP.

  • Pre-funding your DFlow app: Pre-funding your DFlow account shows your commitment to the DFlow app, and helps us understand the demand for the product. Pre-funding your account will also earn you DFlow XP. All funds are always self-custodied, and users are able to export their private key at any time.

  • Being an active and helpful community member: DFlow XP will have a human-monitored community engagement program that rewards users for being active and helpful in the community. We encourage users to help each other on social media like Discord, Twitter (X), and Reddit. Users who are helpful and active in the community will receive DFlow XP.

The DFlow app will publicly launch this Spring! We’re excited to bring the power of the DFlow protocol to the mobile trading experience. Sign up for early access today (invite required, see below), begin earning XP, and join us in the journey to improve decentralized market structure for Solana DeFi.

  • Go to:

  • Submit email address

  • Verify using the code sent via email

  • Create a password

  • Enter your invite code (see below)

  • Deposit min $5 worth of SOL or any of the available tokens (SOL Network)

  • Claim your starting XP

An invite code is required, the first 20 people here can use these invite codes to join the early access (single use, fcfs):























Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

X (Twitter):

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that there is inherent risk associated with endeavors like this. Factors such as exploit vulnerabilities, rugpulls, contract risks, and liquidation events are always present. While we provide information, it is crucial to understand that any actions you take based on this information are entirely your own decision. We assume no responsibility if outcomes do not align with your expectations. Proceed with caution and conduct thorough research. Additionally, keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and prices can fluctuate rapidly.

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