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$LOGX Airdrop Rewards Program


LogX's airdrop rewards program revolves around "Log points," which you accumulate through trading activities and/or providing liquidity on the LogX platform across various networks. The more Log points you earn, either from trading or liquidity provision, the greater the quantity of $LOGX tokens you'll receive as airdrops in the future.

Signing up is easy, just head to their dApp, linked below, connect your wallet and you are good to go. Add the discount referral code 34BBDAC1 for 10% off your trading fees.

What are Log points?

Log points serve as a reward for engaging in various activities on the LogX trading platform, such as executing trades, inviting friends, and contributing to the community, among others. These points quantify your overall contribution to LogX and will be used to determine the proportion of $LOGX tokens you receive as airdrop rewards in the future.

The accumulation of log points directly correlates with the trading activities you undertake, calculated based on the methodology outlined below.

How to Earn Log Points?

As of writing, you will earn Log points based on the following criteria:

  • Trading Volume

  • Number of Trades

  • Liquidity Provided (along with 60% of protocol trading fees)

  • Number of Referrals

In addition, you can earn special "Mystery Boxes" that multiply the Log points you've accumulated through the aforementioned activities. Further details regarding these Mystery Boxes, including what they are and how to obtain them, will be covered later in this document.

Calculation of Log Points

According to the criteria mentioned above, you will have the opportunity to accumulate Log points.

The Log points calculation is designed to incentivize higher trading activities on the platform.

Please refer to the image below for a detailed breakdown of how the points are calculated.

Unveiling Mystery Boxes!

Would you like to boost your Log points? Then here's your golden opportunity! Claim mystery boxes to multiply your accumulated Log points.

From the onset of the program, mystery boxes are made available to all perpetual traders who have engaged in trading on a curated list of perpetual decentralized exchanges, as shown in the image below. If you have executed trades on any of these listed perpetual exchanges prior to August 27, 2023, your wallet will be automatically eligible for this mystery box.

More Ways to Earn Mystery Boxes:

  • Whale-worthy box: We are bringing a specially curated program for Whale tradooors.

  • LogX Legend: If you are a LogX legend on Discord, then be prepared to win bigger and better!

  • Partner Programs: Participate in our partner programs with other DEXes and chains to be eligible for mystery boxes.

Steps to participate:

  1. Visit the dApp and use the discount referral code 34BBDAC1 for 10% off your trading fees.

  2. Click on “Launch App”

3. Select “Airdrop” on top left

4. Scroll down and click on “Start Trading”

5. Connect your wallet

6. Start trading to earn Log points. You can earn Log points on:

  • Trading volume

  • Number of trades

  • Provided liquidity

  • Referrals


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