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Layer3: The Infinity CUBEs Campaign - $L3 Airdrop (Phase 2)

Complete Guide: We will update with every Infinity CUBE

NOTE: We’re committed to keeping this guide current and relevant. As new information, tasks, and quests emerge, we’ll add them here and add a 🆕 emoji to signal that they are new. Check back daily, don’t miss out—subscribe for regular updates!

Last Update: 23rd May 2024 - Added Infinity CUBE, Added Standard CUBEs.

The Infinity CUBEs Campaign

Season 1 has come to it's conclusion. If you earned eligibility for the airdrop, congratulations. The next phase is the Infinity CUBEs Campaign.

If you completed season 1, then this campaign will boost your airdrop allocation. If you missed season 1, then this is likely the last opportunity you will have at earning a slice of the $L3 airdrop.

The Infinity CUBEs Campaign will run for 6 weeks and end with the TGE (the release) of the $L3 token, which is what will be airdropped to all participants of Season 1 (Airdrop 1) and The Infinity CUBEs campaign (Airdrop 2).

The Infinity CUBEs campaign will have its own pool of $L3 tokens and a further $500,000 in other tokens that are allocated just for completing this event, so don't miss out!

To be eligible - Simply complete each infinity CUBE quest when they become available and collect the CUBE, that's it. Continue to collect other CUBEs too for a boost. Every CUBE counts!

The first stage, named 'Mind CUBE' requires you to collect 30 Infinity CUBEs. The 2nd and 3rd stages, named 'Power CUBE' and 'Space CUBE' respectively, of which the details are currently unknown.

Available Infinity CUBEs can be found listed below and we will update when new ones are released.

The Infinity Cubes, long dormant within the Layer3 universe, await the right community to awaken their ancient powers. Collect them all.

Happy Farming! 🚜

New Standard CUBEs

It is not just infinity CUBEs that will count towards your airdrop allocation - ALL CUBES MATTER - and it is not just CUBEs - volume, XP and referrals all boost your score too. Below is a list of newly added CUBEs (post Season 1). For all other CUBEs please see further down in this guide.


Base Mint Tasks

These quests drop daily and are all on the Base chain. They usually cost between $2 - $6 to mint. These quests are recommended for those farming for a possible future Base airdrop. These are the latest quests (post season 1), for more see the Base section further down in the guide.




Information past this point is now outdated and season 1 has officially ended. If you have not already, it is still important to collect the CUBEs listed below as part of Airdrop 2. Plus they are a great way to build your Layer3 XP which is also important. Please note that below here is no longer updated, so some quests may have expired.

Season 1 has ended

Snapshot has been taken and the Season is officially over. If you had 100+ CUBEs prior to the snapshot, taken on 10th May at 14:00 UTC, then you have qualified for the Season 1 airdrop. You can check here

Layer3 have announced the details of the $L3 token in a post on X today (May 10th). The total supply is 300,000,000 and 51% is allocated to the community. For season 1, 5% will be distributed to early adopters and CUBE minters and they have confirmed that there are more airdrops to come.

Although the season has finished, you should carry on completing tasks regularly as there is a multiplier metric which is blurred out on the airdrop page which states "Stay active to increase" suggesting you can still boost your points before a final snapshot is taken. So check-in daily, complete quests, keep increasing your volume and keep collecting CUBE's.


Layer3 is a pioneering quest protocol platform designed to make learning about cryptocurrency an enjoyable and accessible experience for everyone. By completing various tasks, users not only expand their knowledge of the Web3 ecosystem but also become eligible for potential airdrops from other decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchains.

It's now confirmed that Layer3 will reward users who collect their CUBE tokens with an airdrop of the $L3 token. To qualify for this airdrop, you must collect a total of 100 CUBE tokens.

To help you navigate this exciting journey, we have meticulously scoured Layer3 and compiled a comprehensive checklist of all the CUBE tasks, organized by blockchain. This approach allows you to efficiently manage your activities and minimize gas fees by moving funds in a lump sum between chains as you progress through the list. Most importantly, this is going to save you so much time, you have no idea. Also, if you set aside some time, turn on a 2x or 3x boost and plough your way through this list, you are going to level up like crazy - I wish that somebody had done this for me.

Please note that some tasks on a particular chain may not always mint the CUBE token on that same chain. The reasons for this are currently unknown, but it's recommended to maintain a small balance on both the Base and Polygon chains, as the CUBE is often minted on one of these networks.

Let's dive into the checklist. Remember, you only need to collect 100 CUBE tokens to be eligible for the $L3 token airdrop. If you encounter a task that you cannot complete for any reason, simply skip it and move on, this guide contains plenty more CUBEs than the 100 required. Some tasks may be level-locked, requiring a specific level to be reached and may show a "Something went wrong" error or a 404 page. Don't worry, you'll level up as you progress through the checklist and complete more tasks, at which point you can return to complete them. Additionally, don't forget to utilize your XP boost rewards, as they can significantly accelerate the levelling-up process.

Finally, Layer3 will suggest the next quest after you complete a mission. Try not to get dragged down this rabbit hole, even if it has a CUBE attached to it, you will get that CUBE later in your journey. Most quests do not come with CUBE's and if you do this, you risk losing time and it will interfere with your rhythm. You can complete the non-cube tasks once you have secured eligibility.

Ready to embark on your Web3 exploration? Let's get started! Complete the task, check the box, track your progress and soldier on!

Standard Cubes


Base Mission 200K Tier Rewards

These tasks refund you some of the costs you incurred completing the Mission 200K (across all chains) tasks and streaks. You collect your tier depending on your score. You can check your score on Dune - just search for your wallet address.

Base Regular Mint Tasks (cost $2+ and $5+)

These tasks are added regularly and require you to mint an NFT which will cost you between $2+ and $5+. Once the NFT has sold out, you can no longer mint it. There is the option to purchase on secondary, but this will cost you more (prices vary). You can skip these for now if you wish and come back if needed.


zkSync Revolution Tier Rewards

These tasks refund you some of the costs you incurred completing the zkSync Revolution tasks and streaks. You collect your tier depending on your score. You can check your score on Dune - just search for your wallet address.





Once you have made your way through the checklist above, it's worth taking the time to check the various collections on the Layer3 platform. This step is crucial, as the team may have added new CUBE tasks since the creation of the checklist, or there may have been some that were previously overlooked. Please note, the collections do not contain every cube for every chain.

When scanning the collections, keep a keen eye out for the small yellow cube icon in the rewards section. This signifies that the task will reward you with a CUBE token, which is essential for qualifying for the $L3 token airdrop.


Another important aspect of earning CUBE tokens on Layer3 are the Streaks. These Streaks reward users with a CUBE token if they complete a repeatable task either daily or weekly.

For daily tasks, you must complete the task for 3 or 5 consecutive days (depending on the specific task) to earn a CUBE token. Weekly tasks, on the other hand, require you to complete the task every week for 3 consecutive weeks to be eligible for the CUBE reward.

Streaks can be found here.

Beyond 100

You can check your season progress here.

While the official Season 1 top milestone for Layer3 is set at 100 CUBE tokens, the platform has explicitly stated that 100 CUBE tokens are required to become "eligible" for the $L3 token airdrop. This suggests, although not confirmed, that collecting more CUBE tokens beyond the 100 minimum may be beneficial.

It seems highly likely that any CUBE tokens collected in excess of the 100 required for eligibility will provide a significant boost to your eventual reward. The platform may well have plans to incorporate a scaling or multiplier system that rewards users who go above and beyond the minimum threshold.

This means that your efforts to gather as many CUBE tokens as possible could pay dividends in the long run. The more CUBE tokens you accumulate, the greater the potential enhancement to your $L3 token airdrop reward.

It's worth noting that the Layer3 team may have intentionally left this aspect somewhat ambiguous, encouraging users to strive for the highest CUBE token count possible. This strategic approach can foster a sense of excitement and anticipation among the community, as everyone eagerly awaits the unveiling of any potential bonus structures or rewards.

So, while the official requirement stands at 100 CUBE tokens, it's highly recommended to collect as many as you can during your journey through Layer3. The potential upside of exceeding the minimum threshold could be substantial, making your efforts all the more worthwhile.

Parting Words

Layer3 has crafted a truly engaging and rewarding experience for those looking to dive into the world of Web3. By completing the various CUBE tasks, users not only expand their cryptocurrency knowledge but also position themselves to potentially benefit from airdrops and the $L3 token airdrop.

With the comprehensive checklist and insights provided, you now have a roadmap to efficiently navigate Layer3 and maximize your CUBE token collection. Remember to stay vigilant for new tasks, maintain your Streaks, and aim to exceed the 100 CUBE token threshold, as there may be additional benefits in store for those who go the extra mile.

Embark on this Layer3 journey with enthusiasm, embrace the spirit of exploration, and let the thrill of unlocking Web3's wonders propel you forward. The $L3 token airdrop awaits those who are willing to immerse themselves in this dynamic and ever-evolving ecosystem.


Please be aware that there is inherent risk associated with endeavors like this. Factors such as exploit vulnerabilities, rugpulls, contract risks, and liquidation events are always present. While we provide information, it is crucial to understand that any actions you take based on this information are entirely your own decision. We assume no responsibility if outcomes do not align with your expectations. Proceed with caution and conduct thorough research. Additionally, keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, and prices can fluctuate rapidly.

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