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Degen Tipping on Farcaster

DegenTip vs DegenTips

There is only one $DEGEN token, but there are currently two $DEGEN tipping systems on Farcaster with very different mechanics.

Tipping on Farcaster is a fun way to reward creators for their content but there are currently 2 systems making for a lot of confused newbies (like me). is currently in Air Drop phase 2, Season 2 (Season 1 ended Feb 29, 2024). These tips cost you $0 to give out and are earned daily based on your Farcaster activity. Low quality "follow me" and "tip me" posts are not rewarded, so don’t cast that.

To check your balance daily, you must go to, connect your wallet, and click the hamburger menu to find Airdrop 2 and click to see your daily free tip allowance.

***Air Drop 2 Claim began February 29 and runs for approximately ONE MONTH. CLAIM NOW IF YOU ARE ELIGIBLE***

The updated dashboard contains your daily allowance of tips as well as a running total of how many tips your have left for the day. The leaderboard also shows how many tips you have received and has a countdown for the next refresh.

How to Tip $DEGEN

To use these tips on Farcaster you simply reply to any cast with “XX $DEGEN” or “XX $degen” to tip. You must use the syntax exactly. For example, to tip 200, cast 200 $DEGEN or 200 $degen in your reply. You can use the command anywhere in your cast. Example: This is awesome 100 $degen

Please note: You can't keep these tips for yourself. They do not stack or rollover to the next day. You should use them all every day and tip casts and creators until you are out!

If you follow the bot @degentokenbase it should let you know your remaining balance inside Farcaster ***the bot is currently experiencing heavy load***

Tips reset at approximately 7:35 AM UTC.

Source: Screenshot courtesy of Welp (@we)

Updated Wallet Requirements

You must have 10,000 $DEGEN tokens in your connected wallet to receive a tip allowance to tip on Farcaster. You can always receive tips without holding any tokens, but you can’t tip anyone.

Updates appear to happen every 12 hours so if you are actively engaged on the platform and not seeing any tips, please check again in 12 hours.

You can also check your allowance using Dune at this link:

Scroll to the bottom and search for your username to see your daily allowance.

These tips DO NOT go into your Farcaster connected wallet. They are tied to your Farcaster account and are only trackable on the website You will not find them on Basescan or on-chain at this time.

There’s also a great FAQ on the website: If you are new this is a REQUIRED reading.

This system was created by @jacek. Be sure to follow him and show him some love. He’s very active and always answering questions.

Here is a Frame that you can use to see your tips, your allocation to tip for the day, and track how much you’ve tipped all in one frame!

Degen Jeeves

Degen Jeeves is a completely different tipping system. This is a separate project and not related to AirDrop 2 of

For the month of March, you should concentrate on tipping using the Air Drop 2 rolling mechanism above. Jeeves will come into play more once Air Drop 2 is complete

To use the Jeeves bot, you must follow the bot (@degentip) and create a new smart wallet.

There is a frame on Farcast to help you through the set up process. Only interact with the official frame pinned to the top of the /jeeves channel.

This is connected to a real smart wallet that you can fund with $DEGEN tokens you've purchased (or were air dropped if you are lucky!)

If people tip you using the bot commands (or you tip others), those tips go into your registered wallet that you created with Jeeves. These tips are tied to real, trade-able $DEGEN tokens and potentially real money. They DO NOT reset daily. You are not given any free to tip anyone. You must use the bot commands when replying to casts to tip. They are not based on your Farcaster engagement. They are NOT free! Please check the price of gas before tipping! A small, but thoughtful tip could cost more in gas than the tip is worth! Please be mindful.

To tip with Jeeves in a cast, the (@)degentip !tip command MUST be the first line of the cast.

if you want to learn more about the project, follow @matthewfox and the /jeeves channel. He’s very quick to reply to questions.

Shoutout to @qsteak.eth for helpful feedback to add to this guide!

Thanks for reading. If you have any feedback please reach me on Farcaster. Tips always appreciated 😉

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