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Announcing Pinata’s Partnership With NFT.Storage

🎉 Exciting News: New Partnership with NFT.Storage!

We're thrilled to announce our new partnership with NFT.Storage! This collaboration ensures that customers of the previous NFT.Storage service (now called NFT.Storage Classic) have robust options for adding resiliency to their previously stored files.

As highlighted in our migration article, NFT.Storage is now the premier choice for long-term file storage on the Filecoin network. With this shift, they're phasing out their IPFS pinning service. Rest assured, content already uploaded won't be removed, but performance may be impacted over time. Which is why this partnership is so helpful. To ensure continued performance and availability of content, it’s always smart to have an alternative. Pinata is that alternative, and the benefits of this partnership don’t stop there.

For existing NFT.Storage customers looking to migrate their content, and for those seeking a new IPFS provider, our partnership ensures a seamless transition!

The Details

  1. Exclusive Discounts: NFT.Storage customers referred to Pinata get 50% off their first month of paid service.

  2. Support Ongoing Development: NFT.Storage benefits too, receiving an ongoing commission from revenue generated through these plans.

This partnership is a win-win. You get to use Pinata, a trusted solution, at a discounted rate, while also supporting NFT.Storage's continued growth.

🚀 Join the Movement

If you're an existing NFT.Storage customer searching for a new IPFS Pinning Service, we welcome you with open arms! To snag your discount and ensure NFT.Storage gets their referral commission, please follow the instructions provided by the NFT.Storage team via email.

Let's keep the pinning fun and efficient!

Happy Pinning!

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