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Pinata Partners With Neynar

Since 2018, Pinata has focused on delivering the best developer experience in the web3 space. We've built our IPFS service to be both powerful and straightforward. Now, we're excited to announce our partnership with Neynar to combine the capabilities of Farcaster and IPFS, enhancing what developers can achieve on the social protocol.

From day one, Neynar has impressed us. We've maintained a close relationship with their team and, after three months of exploring the Farcaster developer ecosystem together, we're ready to take the next step.

Starting today, Pinata is partnering with Neynar to bring Farcaster APIs to more developers. Neynar's expertise in building developer-focused products for Farcaster is now part of our suite of solutions. This means that developers seeking IPFS and Farcaster solutions will have access to the best options available. Neynar customers can easily integrate IPFS, and Pinata customers will enjoy a seamless Farcaster experience.

What does this mean for you?

If you're using Pinata’s Farcaster API, you'll see new responses from our read endpoints. These are now powered by Neynar as part of this partnership. While we aim to avoid breaking changes, this partnership's importance to the Farcaster market warranted this adjustment. We provide an easy guide to help you update your code. Pinata’s Farcaster Auth API remains unchanged, so you can continue creating signers and sending casts as usual.

IPFS support

For Neynar users seeking an IPFS solution, our closer collaboration ensures every developer has the best path to a great solution. With nearly six years of experience powering web3’s IPFS needs, we, alongside Neynar, are excited to integrate Farcaster with IPFS. You will soon see guides from Neynar and Pinata that specifically show you how to combine their APIs with Pinata’s IPFS services.

The future

Farcaster's future is promising and requires robust developer support. This partnership marks the beginning of Farcaster’s growth. We look forward to supporting the current developer community and onboarding the next generation onto the protocol.

Get started with IPFS for free here.

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