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A brief introduction to Pink Sink (Part II)

documenting a life less complicated

In my first (overly serious) post, I established that I wanted to write and tell stories. All well and good, but I didn't explain what I wanted to tell stories about. I dropped the high-level concept with no supporting details.

I went out for a walk to gather my thoughts about how I wanted to expand on that first post; it is something I often do. The going for a walk part, not the first post part.

Going for a distraction-less walk is one of the best ways to generate and expand upon ideas. (imo)

Halfway through my walk, I thought, hell, I'll make a video. So I did... Right then and there. Helicopters and all. 

Blah, blah, blah, I know what you are thinking. That seems like more overly seriousness talk. Well, let's be clear. Though intentionality and simplification are stated goals, it does not mean that things will not get a little goofy and borderline absurd as we try to navigate that river. I know where the river ends; I'm just not sure how we will get there. 

You know what, maybe the river wasn't the best analogy. Suffice it to say, this 'river' will involve a lot of experimentation along the way that will challenge myself and my ideas, and hopefully yours as well. So...

Let's try and have a little fun.


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