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Adios Nakamigo

I misread the time zone by a day and missed minting my 'free' Nakamigo a few days ago. One of the joys of living in east Asia when most of you interactions are posted in EST/PST.

A few weeks ago, my gn mfers, which I very much liked, got magically metadata'd into and EOS pass, which means the art that I liked is gone.

I was upset.

Then I found out this pass entitled me to a free mint.

I was less upset.

Then I missed the mint.

I was more upset than the first upset.

Now I am stuck with this Miami nightclub nonsense

It wasn't so much that I missed it (well, it kind of was), rather the minting window for early access.


Wtf. I mean who sets an early access mint for only 4 hours? C'mon. This turned out to be 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. my time, which I was prepared to do, but like I mentioned before, I was a day late. If it had been a reasonable 24hrs, then it would have been no problem.

It was far better than gas wars and projects minting out in minutes by only a handful, but still. I feel like these instances are like compounding interest that is keeping the reputation of NFTs in the shady at best ranking for a lot outsiders looking in. Who wants to deal with it? Not me. Well, at least not anymore. And I am kind of in the game. What about all of those normies on the sidelines?


Alas my reserved jpeg was added to the public pool, never to be seen or heard from again. I just so you know (even though nobody asked), I'm not about to buy one on the open market.

I just can't support a project with a 4 hour mint window in good conscience, lolz

Adios Nakamigo,


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