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I was going to share this book in the "Reading" section of my next newsletter.

The problem?

I finished it in a day.

So it was that good?

Yes and no. I very much enjoyed the contents of this book. It's just that... I was expecting it to be more of a book.

I don't know how I completely missed this going in, but turns out it is a collection of bite-sized bits barely filling out a page.


And nothing, I was just surprised. It was worth the price of admission, but I was surprised. What I would recommend is buying the hardcover if you can. I purchased the Kindle version, but I might go back and order the hardcover, as I often do with books I know I will read more than once or can see myself giving to my kids when they are older.

Run with it

A lot of the advice in this book resonates with me because it is that which I have either given, been given (prior), or have been thinking a lot about, or at least very parallel ideas. So, I am going to run with it.

How so?

By doing just what the author suggests in the foreword:

I think of these bits as seeds because each one of them could easily be expanded into a long essay.You are encouraged to expand these seeds as you read to fill in your own situation.

Some (maybe not so long) essays forthcoming.

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