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AI is the new table salt

AI has become the new table salt. We just sprinkle it on everything, liberally, even if it makes no sense. Even if whatever it is is already salty enough. Not even sprinkle. Just unscrew that cap and take it all.

It's the new buzz word that can sell anything.

Introducing (insert name)AI now with 28% more AI than the other AIs. Guess what? You just got a lot smarter and more efficient meat bag.


Good news for all you moderately paced people, because if you aren't a hyper-efficient, hyper-productive producer of anything and everything, you get left behind. No time to breath, we have data points to generate.

Some troll is just running around with an AI stamp having his way with my toaster oven, desk lamp and every single piece of software I own.

stamp stamp

What's more, a lot of these so called AI implementations are just rebranded "smart" devices with an updated algo. Not every business has to put a lowercase "i" in front of their name if you know what I'm saying.

Feeling like Google translate really nailed this one.

It seems like I can't even take a deuce with out someone telling me that AI can help me do it betterā€”better BMs and just better in general.

Just to be clear, I am not saying there aren't positive use cases and truly amazing ways to integrate AI, but my #2s ain't it. Can we please take it down from an 11 to a 4 perhaps?

Hell no. It's probably going to a 15 tomorrow.

So, yeah, the new table salt.

And just like salt, too much AI is bad for my blood pressure.


P.S. I usually don't rant. I think I just haven't gotten enough sun recently. Just give me this one.

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