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DAOpunks | cohort_3 - week 1

here we go

Hidy ho friends! My name is Allyn Bryce and I... um... make videos, take photos, do voice-over and stuff? Welcome to my DAOpunks cohort_3 journey. You can check out my work and learn more about me at

If this is your first time visiting Pink Sink, nice to have you. For all the regulars (hi mom), I am the recent recipient of a grant as voted by the DAOpunks community and this is the first in a series of posts related to said grant.

Great news Allyn. What does this have to do with Pink Sink? Why are you introducing yourself again? What happened to the six-pack ab challenge? And...

What the 'H' are DAOpunks?



So we are looking at an NFT collection/community combined with a public goods/grant platform kind of thing. The aim is to assist those looking to release the shakles of corporate work and to pursue more meaningful work in DAOs and Web3.

As part of being a grant recipeint, I will be documenting my journey; a kind of building in public. I have decided to post within my existing Pink Sink blog because there is a lot (I mean a lot) of overlap with what I am trying to do with Pink Sink and the mission and ethos of DAOpunks. Hence, the introduction for those that are new here.

I will, more than likely, continue to post Pink Sink content intermitently within the span of the six week cohort. The title and cover image will let you know which is which. Feel free to plant your eyeballs and ear holes on what you will.

So, if you are still with me thus far, you might have surmised I am not so great with the written words, so I will be documenting my journey by and large via vlog style vidoes. We are looking at six posts, so hopefully six short videos over the next six weeks. Wow, didn't mean to put those numbers together like that. Yikes. Anyway, let's dig into the first video, and don't forget to scroll down for the supplemental content.


Oh, and six pack ab challenge update coming soon. Let's just say the train when off the rails right before arriving at the station. Like waaaaaaay off.

Supplemental Content A (sounds super official, doesn't it):

DAOpunks grant application video

Supplemental Content B:

Thank you message from the top of Mt. Fuji

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