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DAOpunks | cohort_3 - week 2

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The Video Update

The 'kind of' Transcription

Hi-de-ho, frens! Allyn Bryce here, and welcome to my DAOpunks cohort_3 update video #2.

Now, the first video went a little long, so I am trying to keep this one a bit shorter. Fingers crossed. Speaking of that...

My first video was a bit of an intro about myself. I talked about applying to the cohort, my thank you video from the top of Mt. Fuji (complete coincidence), and alluded to what I am going to be exploring over the course of this cohort, which is what it means to be a DAOpunk to me. I'll link to that in this post and the description for this video.

And this ties directly into the reason that I applied in the first place, which is that I stated I wanted to stay in the game, which begs the question: What game are you playing?

In this case, I was talking directly about the work game.

Now, as we go through these cohort posts, I want you all to keep two, let's just call them themes, at the ready, and these will be guiding us. Think of them as kind of the north stars of these posts. Now, these are not necessarily new ideas, but maybe existing ideas through a different kind of lens. And they are:

1. Your actions need to align with your values.

2. If you don't like the game, play better, change the rules or play a different game.

In my case, I didn't like the work game I was playing, so I changed the game, and this is how I found myself in Web3 and working in a DAO. And this is what DAOpunks is about, right?

OK, so let's break this down a little bit more, and we will go back to that DAOpunks mission statement for a hot second, which is once again as follows:

DAOpunks' mission is to enable humans to liberate themselves from the soul-sucking drudgery of the default world work and lead them to the rewarding, expansive freedom found in meaningful DAO work.

At the core of DAOpunks is this idea of moving from a corporate punk to a DAO punk—a tradcorp off-ramp to a DAO-life on-ramp. Why?

Because we don't like the drudgery. We don't like the fucking game. So, we are changing the game, changing what it means to work. We are writing new rules. Providing a choice.

And that's huge for a lot of us because we feel we have no choice, like we are trapped, no options, and we are miserable.

Now, this isn't a lecture on doing what you love. That isn't always realistic and can get you into trouble if you are not careful. What I am saying though is that you need to look at your values and use that to guide you, a kind of value for value. I position myself in a way that aligns with my values (we are talking about actions here) and I provide value to others. I guarantee you'll find joy in this. And who knows, it might actually be doing what you love.

So as a homework exercise, I want you to think about your values and what is truly important to you. Probably best to write this shit down.

Now, see how this lines up with your current work game. Be honest, like brutally honest with yourself. Remember, it doesn't have to be a 1:1. For example, maybe you are in the landscaping and lawn care business. And maybe you don't necessarily love it, but it's fine, and you are providing clear value to your customers, and in return, you make a decent living, provide for your family, have a flexible schedule, and work outdoors, and these are your values. You're playing a good game. Conversely, maybe it meets none of your values. Then you need to change the game.

I think many of you in the corporate world already feel your work actions are not aligning with your values, and you know, you're not being fulfilled. Well, Corporate Punk to DAO punk. It's the idea, and ideas are power.

But 'I can't,' you say. 'I'm scared or there is too much at stake, or I just don't know.' Uncertainty, yes. Unknown, yes. Difficulty ahead. Probably. Excuses. Definitely. It all comes down to this. You gotta ask yourself one question.

How fucking bad do you want it? It really is that simple. Or at least the decision to do something. Life's too short to be miserable.

So I say again.

How fucking bad do you want it?

Ok, now this is all well and good. We got some thoughts out in the open, and you got a little bit of possibly life-changing homework, but we are not ending it here. You see, I don't think we are thinking big enough. I don't just want to talk about the work game; I want to talk about the game of life. That's right, I said it. Not the board game, but the actual game of life. And we will dive into that next week.

Rug pull.

See you then.

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