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DAOpunks | cohort_3 - week 6

the final

The Video Update

Hi-de-ho friends. Allyn Bryce here, and welcome to my DAOpunks cohort_3 video update #6: The Final.

The 'kind of' Transcription

It's a running gag, but I am actually going to follow through this time and keep it short today.

You see friends, two days ago was a very sad day in my life because my laptop decided to up and die. Not just running out of battery, running out of juice, no, belly up. It's dead, but it's been a good run. We had some wonderful memories together. It was about seven years old. I had already replaced the battery once and one of the fans.

So I took it apart once again and tried to troubleshoot it, but alas, I was unsuccessful. So I need to keep this short out of necessity for myself because content production on mobile is a pain in the ass. That's just my opinion. I've tried it. I don't like it, so I am going to keep this to one short video with minimal cuts.

On to the meat and potatoes.

I started with a thank you video, and I wanted to end with one as well. In the very beginning, I said the reason that I applied to the cohort is that I wanted to stay in the Web3 game. This grant and the DAOpunks community have helped tremendously in me doing just that.

I was able to test some ideas, challenge myself, make some videos, and share with all of you what being a DAOpunk means to me. And for that, I am forever grateful.

And speaking of games, the throughline that we were kind of working with over the several videos was escaping the default by challenging our own ideas and finding our own meaning through actions, values, evolution, and a healthy dose of DAOpunk from a smattering of locations across southern Idaho.

This video, once again, has the Perrine Bridge as a background. It actually should be a little lighter, but it's been raining the last three days, so I am actually lucky to get this in. It's not maybe the most beautiful and picturesque right now, but it is actually kind of fitting because the sun is setting on our time together in this cohort (I thought of that just now).

So what's next for me besides more rambling?

Well, I'm going to continue fighting the good fight. Next week I will be back in Japan, with a working computer (my desktop is there), making more content, and continuing to explore ideas, life, and Web3 over at You can find it and all of my other endeavors, including The Rug crypto news, m0xchi street photography, and BanklessDAO, over at for the 2.0 friends and for the 3.0.

Once again, thanks to the DAOpunks community and my fellow cohort members and viewers like you for joining me on this journey.

Until we meet again, anons.

See you in the Discords.

Later taters,


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