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Discord spring cleaning

it's not you, it's me

I was in only three Discord servers for quite a number of years. It was just me and a handful of my close gamer friends who took refuge from poor voice chat implementation by platform holders. Then crypto happened.

It started out innocently enough joining a DAO (that I am still active in) and a few other opportunities here and there. Then the boom happened and servers we coming out of the woodwork like long lost relatives after you win the lottery.

I mean, the promise of upside and potential to get involved was so seductive, wasn't it? I found myself chasing work opportunities, whitelist spots and Discord roles with the best of them. You just never knew what lied behind that verification wall. It was never a question of should I, but could I.

Before: There are quite a few more, but I got tired of screen grabbing. You get the point.

Recently, though, the snow has settled to the bottom of the bull market snow globe to reveal what really should remain. Time to make some cuts. And by make some cuts, I mean be realistic and ruthless with what I let take up my bandwidth. And before you ask, no, muting is not a viable option for me. And also note that I have nothing against any of these servers. It's just... it's not you, it's me.

And to tell you the truth, this is a much bigger problem than Discord servers, but it seemed like low hanging fruit and the problem manifested itself quite obviously through the server lens, so it seemed as good a place as any to start.

Mental and digital declutter.

Let the cutting begin.

After: Just kidding. You get the point.

The criteria I used for what to keep was very straightforward; a simple yes or no would suffice.

  1. Do you hold some kind of asset(s) or stake for the server in question?

  2. Are you actively involved (at least weekly) in the server in question or plan to be in the very near future?

  3. Are you receiving some kind of obvious and undeniable value (be honest) from the server in question?

Three strikes and you are out, simple as that.

If any of these servers become a "yes" in the future, I can always join back up, nbd.

And this is where I let you in on a little secret. That upside we were talking about before. You are probably not missing out on it.

The thing is, if you do good work, the upside will find you.


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