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Movies I enjoy, and books even more so, I find myself revisiting multiple times. You can catch something new and evolve every time through, and apply the lens of new experiences and viewpoints gained since the last time you visited that old friend.

Since I am still playing hotel musical chairs, I thought I would suggest a book tonight titled Team Human by Douglas Rushkoff. This will be my third read, so I get a sticker and a free personal pan pizza.

Yes, this is an actual photo that I just took from the hotel. I do like my photos.

Fire let us live in places otherwise too cold for human habitation. Electric lights let us stay up and do things late into the night. Airplanes let us travel across a dozen time zones in a singles day. Sedatives let us sleep on the plane, stimulants wake us up when we arrive, and mood drugs help us cope with the stress of living that way. Sunrise and sunset are images from the computer desktop

I am probably an outlier in the modern age seeing as how, even though I enjoy my Kindle, a prefer a physical book above all else. Even at the expense of precious luggage real-estate. Not being a book snob, just telling it like it is.


The cover pretty much gets at the meat and potatoes that is this book. If you are thinking yeah, tell me more about that, then you should pony up the credits and...

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