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Iteration black hole

Today, I finally started to "put pen to paper" and get busy designing and minting the first of a limited collection of utility NFTs for my website. But then I got stuck... not in a bad way, though.

Without saying too much, what I am trying to create involves a bit pf physicality and requires a little bit of down time between seeing the results of each iteration. This is where the fun came in.

Each version I created led my down a path to improving on the version and trying again. Then again. Then again.

It wasn't because every result was a failure, rather that it led to ideas to try again and make something different, if not always better.

At some point I began to see the matrix and a possible roadmap and theme for the entire collection presented itself. It was like I was taking those pills from Limitless, minus the weird camera angle and floating words and the well articulated speech... and the hair... and the polished gem. Ok, bad example.

Long story short, no NFT minting today. I need to pick up a few more things and sketch out the first series of releases.

You know, maybe it was like a Kramer idea moment.

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