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I've got my A.EYE. on you

In the past few weeks I have been dupped at least twice, if not more, and I don't know how I feel about it.

I've got my A.EYE. on you... This is a real image, btw... that I took... with a camera.

You see, I have found myself admiring and newsletter image or art piece or two thinking wow, that's really cool. I wonder what camera settings they were using? Or I wonder how long that took?

Just a few keystrokes, apparently, as I would come to find out, at a later point in time, that our old friend AI was more than likely behind the digital brush.

Actually, I do know how I feel about it. I am not upset that AI was used. It opens up wonderful possibilities to those who lack the time, resources or talent or any combination of those. Finding or creating the right image can be a chore, especially for those of you who really have no interest in it or have the vision but just don't know how to express it. Not to mention the legal gray space of slinging images online. And for all of you click-bait REDACTED, this must be like Christmas morning for you.

No, I'm not upset that AI was used.

But I am concerned that no one thought to tell me.

I can already feel a line in the sand being drawn in the the creator space. Things are going to get interesting real quick from here.


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