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Offline Mode

I want to briefly mention what I feel to be just a massively OP unlock that most of us in the modern internet age either neglect or have completely forgotten about:

Offline Mode

I'm not just talking about putting your phone in airplane mode while you click YouTube links on your laptop, I am talking full on Faraday mode.

I don't know about all of you, but I have been feeling downright exhausted as of late. And though I can rattle off a few contributing factors, being constantly connected, subject to the internets ever beckon call, is definitely a large portion of that pie.

This brings us back to a threw line for Pink Sink; finding balance.

Trying to keep up with everything, everywhere, all the time is exhausting. And even when you are not actively participating in the information tsunami, everyone else is, and they are sure to let you know about it.

My flair for the dramatic often leads me to tip the scales (hard) in the complete opposite direction before finding some kind of balance, but for this, we are going to creep towards where I imagine I want to be, which is a majority of my day spent disconnected.

Seeing as how I spend most of my working day buried in the channels of Discord, slinging replies like shuriken, this is going to be a challenge.

For now, let's have a weekend experiment.

Saturdays. Airplane mode. The entire house.

Peruse unadulterated thought. Free up mental bandwidth. Reflect. Ideate. Breathe.

I hope I can schedule a newsletter post in advance.

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