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Pink Sink ES #ありがとう!

membership NFT airdrop

A few days ago I made a post hinting at an airdrop. Well, actually, it flat out said there would be an airdrop... Announcing an airdrop that has dropped! It's like announcing an announcement that was already announced.

Check you wallets!!!

If you were a sub to this newsletter or holding a Pink Sink ORIGINS NFT before this past Friday, then look for a Pink Sink ES #ありがとう! in your wallet. It will be on Polygon, and if you are checking OpenSea, quite possibly under the "hidden" tab.

This super snazzy NFT not only looks good, but doubles as a membership pass to gated conted on this here newsletter and other benefits TBD, and it will provided this in perpetuity for as long as Pink Sink is pressing words. In fact, I was going to post an inaugural gated video within this post, but time got the better of me today. Look to flex your gate unlocking skills very soon.

Additionally, I will be realeasing more, very similar membership NFTs in the coming weeks and months. Feel free to collect any of those that you want, but they will not provide any additional benefits to Pink Sink ES #ありがとう! and will have a modest pricetag attached.

As for the cost of these, it has already been paid in full with kindess, interest in the project and support, and this is my way of saying thanks to all of you.

I am forever grateful.


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