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Someone in your corner

Everyone needs someone in their corner.

My wife picked me up from the station tonight after my being out of town for three days. It was around 7:30 p.m. She didn't have to, and I didn't ask and wasn't expecting it, but she did anyway. I usually walk the 20 minutes home, but she picked me up. Even though I know she had been busy the entire day, she was waiting there when I arrived. I guess she just wanted to do something nice.

And it was nice.

I let her know in the most honest and sincere way I knew.

If you have someone in your corner, no matter what that relationship is, tell them how much you appreciate them. Let them know they are important. Let them know you care in whatever way makes sense for you and your relationship.

If you don't have that someone, find them. It could be as easy as opening your eyes. And be that person for someone else.

Everyone needs someone in their corner.

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