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The 180° technique

I have been finding a lot of value recently in revisiting my back catalog, as I have most likely already mentioned. What I have not mentioned is that occasionally I will come across something with more than just the camera settings metadata, as was the case with this photo.

I set out to take one photo and got a completely different yet memorable one. Don't be afraid to look around and go off the initial path you set down.

I know it sounds obvious, but tunnel vision is just that, right?

#180° circa 2013

The quick little snippet attached to the photo is as follows:

I took this photograph using the 180 technique.  I was actually out on a mission to take some photos of my daughter for upcoming cards, but frequent "wardrobe adjustments" by my wife made for an excellent opportunity to see what was behind me. I guess you can find inspiration if you just turn around :)

Details: Canon Kiss X5 & Sigma 2.8 shot handheld at ISO 100 50mm f/5 1/500s. RAW image, modest crop, with adjustments in Lightroom and the Nik Collection. B&W conversion in SEP. 

It was just so interesting to read that bit and see where I was at, not just with my photography, but with my life.

No matter what it is you are doing, what area of life you are pursuing, keeping a record can be so much more valuable than you might think. My point is...

Document as much as possible.

This doesn't mean you have to share as much as possible, I think most of us can do with a little less sharing. No, this is for you; to revisit and reflect.

As for photography specifically, every image tells as story. Every image also has a story. I encourage you to write that story down.

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