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The (great?) Migration

Hi-de-ho, friends. It’s been a hot minute since my last post, which left things kind of hanging there. Fear not, I have returned with an update, the short version of which is Pink Sink is moving… Well, not Pink Sink so much as me and you, yes you, dear reader.

This YouTube video is just the audio for this post, no real video.

The (great?) migration

I am not actually sure where to begin here, so we will just dive right into the middle. In the next week or so, I will be importing all subs from Pink Sink to my new home over at The Art of Allyn Bryce. You can continue to follow along there or unsub if the new direction is not to your liking.

Speaking of, the reason for the move is the shifting focus of what I want to create and put out into the world. With Pink Sink, the explicit purpose was to share, as mentioned in the previous post, the:

The pursuit of a life less complicated --> well lived.

This was just as much for me as it was for you, ngl. I hoped that by going over some ideas and perspectives in public, I could not only improve my own situation but that of others as well. At the very least, encourage some thinking and conversation.

As far as my own personal experience and life, I think I checked the boxes of the broad strokes and now I am in the process of refining. Am I giving up on the ideas that I put forth during my brief tenure here at Pink Sink? Hell, no! But continuing to make content around the minute details of my life that are very specific to my own circumstances is not the road that I want to continue down. I will continue to push the boundaries of my thinking and continue pursuing that life well-lived, however just not so much in the public square.

I could also envision myself drifting to the ‘dark side’ where I start making "lifestyle content", not around the life that I want to live, but around the life that I think will get the most views. I’m sure all of you have come across a YouTube channel, in whatever category really, where it seems whoever runs the show is just coming up with more unrealistic, outlandish, and escalating videos for what one can only assume as appeasing the algo, all whilst looking miserable the whole time doing it. You can really see it in the eyes/hear it in the voice. Hard pass.

And, although I am kind of indifferent about being on camera, I am kind of a private person when you get right down to it, even though I might appear as quite outgoing. Pink Sink was part of me trying to overcome some of the discomfort with sharing (as kind of a personal challenge and proving something to myself) in addition to everything I have talked about prior as reasons to why I started the blog. And, I would say I did that. Now, I would like to keep the lion's share of my private life just that, private.

This is where The Art of Allyn Bryce comes in after having accomplished what I more or less set out to do with Pink Sink.

What's The Art of Allyn Bryce?

...I hear you ask.

Sneak peek and basically the first thing I drew after getting a tablet a few weeks ago.

To be honest, I don't know. Well, I do know I just don’t have a lot of details around it right now because, well, like life in general, I am kind of figuring it out as I go along, but I can tell you that I’m excited. The gist is I am going to focus more on artistic and creative work, in particular trying to improve my design skills and learn digital art (aka how to draw.. with a stylus... or a pencil, anything really).

However, it will be a mixture of mediums with a loose anything goes ‘tude (I don’t want to box myself completely into just one style or idea) and photography will definitely sneak its way in in different capacities as I don't want to deny my bread and butter. That's a thing people say, right?

Also, I will still wax poetic from time to time sharing a skosh of life and surface-level philosophy, but by and large the focus will be on the digital art. There are a couple of things I have been wanting to make, and I lack the requisite skills, so hey, let’s get those skills.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, consider staying subscribed to the new newsletter after the move happens. I’m looking forward to sharing more mediocre drawings with all of you.

Some housekeeping

What happens to Pink Sink?

Well, not much beyond this point. As it stands now, it will remain as is as long as Paragraph continues to host it.

What about the Pink Sink YouTube channel?

All the videos still exist, but they have been set to unlisted. You will not be able to view them directly from the channel, but any videos that are embedded in posts will still play.

What about the 1000TF NFT series getting an update?

If you are interested in seeing these again, let me know.

When I went to add more NFTs to the series, I was informed by OpenSea that I could not add to the existing contract because they sunsetted their free minting tools in favor of their new tools and that style of minting/contract was no longer available.

The new landing page for 1000TF

This is partially my fault as something in the back of my mind told me using their “lazy minting” tools was a bad idea. Regardless, since nobody was holding any of the first batch of NFTs, I had them pull the whole collection from the site. I am still considering relaunching under a new contract sans any kind of membership benefits, but that remains to be seen.

The ES Collection

The ES Collection still exists in its' original form barring OS doing anything unfortunate.

Are you ok, bro?

Yup! Just starting a new chapter. Thanks for asking.

See you on the flip

Anywho, hope to see you all over at The Art of Allyn Bryce.

Later taters,


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