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What's that recipe, bro?

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I have been messing around with Fuji film recipes (app and Lightroom) as of late, especially that cheeky grain slider.

As things continue to trend towards higher and higher resolution and "the most" digital, I find myself wanting to go more analog, at least in the final product if only occasionally the process.

This is probably why I have been shooting a lot of instant film recently. I have two cheap big plastic bubbles, one filled with color and the other with black & white. But at $1 a pop, I am having to pump the brakes a bit. And before you say, proper 35mm film cameras are not something I want to invest in at this point in time.

Inception moment using film recipes over actual film

I love the semi-muted colors, the washed out highlights and the apparent lack of clarity. I feel like it tells a story filled with so much more emotion and interest.

There is beauty to be found in imperfection, mystery to be discovered within the grain.

I found myself spending so much time pixel peeping for perfection that I did not see the forest for the trees, standing back and observe a photo as a whole experience and not just the sum of its pieces.

Suffice it to say these themes and mediums will be a large influence to what I create in the coming months.

More soon.


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