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"Yesterday expanded" (expanded)

Alright, so let's finally put a bow on this three part mini-series that really should have been one well planned post. The logical continues to elude me.

Post #2: Yesterday expanded

Post #1: When was the last time you left your home without your phone for any substantial amount of time? On purpose. (This was the entire post by the way, and I know what you are thinking... probably.)

All caught up? Good.

Let's talk about #2: Staying in hotels on business.

This is another situation where I find a lot of value in being disconnected. I travel a few times a month for work and end up at a hotel, close to a major station (for the most part), the afternoon before I am "on the clock". So here is the play-by-play:

  1. Arrive at the hotel mid to late afternoon.

  2. Freshen up.

  3. Pack a bit of cash in the wallet, a small notebook and pen, and occasionally an instant camera and that's about it.

  4. Head down to the lobby

  5. Step outside

  6. Point in any direction

  7. And walk

Random reader: That's it?

Me: Yup.

Random reader: Holy shit, how lame. I want my money back.

Me: First of all, not so. Secondly, what money?

So here's the deal. Too often we ask our phones where we should go, rather than asking ourselves, and I get it. "OK, Google. Where can I get tapas?" LFG.

I'm not saying don't do that. It's all good friend. This is just another option. Something to experiment with.

This is an exercise in serendipity.

Actively interact with life on occasion, rather than defaulting to the digital illusion of choice.

So I leave the hotel and I walk. And I keep walking. And I walk some more. I usually head in that one direction for an hour or so.

Hit a dead end? Nothing happening over here? Head back to the starting line and choose a different direction.

In case you were wondering, I go pretty much straight so as to not get lost.

Random reader: So where is the value here?

Me: Discovery friend, discovery

I have found so much cool stuff doing this. And I started to write out several examples, but realized that is not the point.

Eyes up. Follow your curiosity. Explore. Take a few notes. People watch. Draw a picture. Head inside any shop or restaurant that looks interesting. Sit in a park and think. Chat with people.

Be present.

Random reader: Cool story, bro. I live in the country

Me: There is no spoon.

This isn't about the location, it's about the idea. Take it. Apply it. Find your own version of "staying in hotels on business". Find your own line. See where it leads you.

Live light


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