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Blockchain Gaming Recap #11

Limit Break Opt-In Royalties, Mighty Action Heroes Early Access Weekend, Axie Origins: Season 2, Gran Saga Unlimited Free OAT Claim, Influence Open Alpha, Unioverse: Protens Check, and more!

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  • Limit Break introduced opt-in, backwards-compatible programmable royalties powered by staking.

  • The introduction of these tools help align incentives baking in secondary market transactions & royalties at the smart contract level. In turn, this gives creators & developers more granular tools to shape their own ecosystems with clear rules of engagement that users can opt-in to

  • More information can be obtained by reading their medium post

Mighty Action Heroes: Early Access Weekend

  • Mighty Action Heroes announced that users will be able to play this weekend as it opens up Early Access again with prizes for the winners

Axie Infinity Origins: Season 2

Gran Saga Unlimited: Free Galxe OAT Claim

Influence: Early Access Open Alpha

Unioverse: Protens Check

  • Unioverse users can now check how many Protens they have to get a Reyu Genesis Hero

  • To check your Proten count visit the Protens Unioverse website, login & click earn

  • Users with enough Protens will be eligible to get a Reyu Genesis Hero. There will be more rewards to claim other heroes like Krishah

👁️ Others

My Pet Hooligan: Zuckbox Activation on Jan 13

  • My Pet Hooligan is coming back with a ZuckBox Burning and gave a short recap on their story so far

    The Sprawl Game: City Pass NFT Remint

    • The Sprawl Game announced that they conducted a reminting of the City Pass NFTs (Contract was exploited during minting period and a user was able to mint multiple passes on multiple accounts)

    • Users do NOT have to do anything & were airdropped new City Pass NFTs in their wallet

E4C: Final Salvation — Steam Game & $DGC Token Launch

  • Ambrus Studio's web3 game, Fallen Arena is now out and playable on Steam

  • Their recent tweet also showed that they would be releasing an in-game token in Q2

Conquest: 2023 Plans

  • Conquest, a persistent & permissionless diplomacy game announced their 2023 update detailing what they have been working on and their plans for 2023

  • They also shared their whitepaper that users can view on their gitbook

Pixelmon: Early Game Preview

  • After raising $70m from the community despite having an inexperienced team and an NFT art reveal that made the project go viral in 2022, Pixelmon seems to be making a rebound

  • They recently revealed an early preview of an in-game character, "Borg" showcasing its moves in the Arena

  • Big difference from where it was at a year ago after undergoing a structural shift in its management & switching game development studios

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