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Blockchain Gaming Recap #12

Loot Realms Alfa, Skyweaver Hexbound Invasion, Beacon Cobalt Moon Hatch Event, Kasumi Dungeons Mint, Pixelmon Lore, Pirate Nation Release#6 and more!

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Loot Realms: Bibliotheca DAO 2023 Update

  • Loot Realms announced some big updates as they focus on developing Realms Eternum

    • Currently in Closed Alpha, will go to Open Alpha soon

    • 2 Products (Realms Eternum - On Chain Strategy Game & Realms Adventurers - On Chain Game Building Kit for Developers)

    • $LORDS token sale in late January to top up DAO treasury

The Beacon

  • The Beacon announced that the Cobalt Moon Hatching event will take place from Jan 20 - 22. Players that will have an extra 24 hours after Jan 22 to manually hatch their eggs before they hatch automatically

  • During this time period, there will also be 2 new dungeons & items on the loot tables


  • Skyweaver announced that the Hexbound Invasion will begin on Jan 16 and players can start availing of the Hexbound Skypass, that will give both free & premium rewards for the campaign


  • Pixelmon revealed new lore for their game adding the 5th chapter, Kindred of the Sea

Kasumi Dungeons

  • Kasumi Dungeons, a F2P, fast-paced arcade adventure game that on Arbitrum as part of the Treasure DAO ecosystem is launching its game trailer and NFT mint soon

Pirate Nation: Release #6

  • Pirate Nation announced release #6 laying down the foundations for new gameplay by introducing voxelixed pirates, quests with cooldowns, profiles, animations & more

👁️ Others

Poglin is a new game studio

Gunzilla Games

  • Gunzilla Games, a game studio that is developing the cyberpunk Battle Royale, Off The Grid (OTG), gave a showcase for their in-game weapon, Markastro's trademark nail gun


  • Decentraland introduced some new features for users to connect better with each other such as avatar highlighting, user profiles, profile links, friend request flows & differentiated nametags


  • MixMob announced that the ghosting period ends tomorrow Jan 13 9AM PT

  • Everyone who held masks from November 14 were rewarded 10,000 SUD$ tokens which they will receive at the end of Alpha V3

  • Users that still have their mask come Alpha V3 will receive an additional 500 SUD$ tokens

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