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Blockchain Gaming Recap #13

Voodoo Infinity, Createra Raise, Thetan Rivals Soft Launch, Nifty Island Road to Open Beta, Smashverse Titanhall Playtest, Hash Rush 2023 Update and more!

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Voodoo β€” Launches Blockchain Ecosystem Platform Voodoo Infinity

  • Hypercasual game publisher Voodoo announced its blockchain ecosystem platform, Voodoo Infinity. The full-stack platform aims to bring blockchain games to mobile users by supporting game studios with product coaching, tokenomics expertise, an end-to-end blockchain tech stack with growth capabilities and liveops support

  • As of 2022, Voodoo was one of the top 5 companies with the most downloads in the Apple Store

Createra β€” Raised $10m from a16z
  • Createra, a UGC metaverse engine, raised $10m from a16z to develop web3 multiplayer metaverse games that anyone can play with just one click

  • Their free mint genesis land NFT collection traded over 1.5 ETH & surged past 1,500 ETH in trading volume

Thetan Rivals β€” Soft Launch
  • Wolffun Game soft launched its fourth title, Thetan Rivals, a multiplayer knockout arena game & the successor to the hit MOBA NFT PvP Game, Thetan Arena

  • The game soft launched in Canada, Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand and is playable on both PC & Mobile (Android + IOS)

Nifty Island β€” Townhall

Nifty Island: Bring Your Assets To The Gameverse - - P2E NFT  Games Portal
  • Nifty Island is organizing a townhall session to discuss its road to an open beta launch

Smashverse β€” Titanhall Playtest

  • Smashverse is organizing a live playtest for Titanhall NFT holders on Jan 19 (Thursday) as they demo the game live with their founder

Hash Rush 2023 Update
  • Hash Rush released a detailed 2023 update that discussed the game's current state and their plans going forward. Some notable highlights were:

    • Game is still not where they want it to be

    • Downsized the team to conserve resources & reduce costs

    • Postponed Early Access launch date

    • Post-Beta revealed many issues of the current state of the game

πŸ‘οΈ Others

Influence β€” Testnet Phase 3 (Jan 25, 11am EST)

Helix Metaverse β€” Game Modes Soon

EstforKingdom β€” New Blockchain Game on Fantom

  • EstforKingdom is a new P2E MMORPG being developed by the PaintSwap team on the Fantom blockchain

MatchboxDAO β€” Battle of Titans World Cup for 0xMonaco

  • MatchboxDAO announced that it is organizing the 0xMonaco World Cup, a racing coding CTF designed by Paradigm that will be held from Jan 22 - 29

Skyweaver β€” Hexbound Invasion is now Live

AI Arena β€” Mint Passes live on OpenSea

Bladerite β€” Last chance to signup for Alpha Test (Jan 19, 12:00AM EST)

Paradise Tycoon β€” Update for Alpha v3

Pixelmon β€” E2 Sneak Peak

HighTides β€” NFT Mint

  • HighTides, a F2P Sandbox Pirate Game on Polygon will have a free mint for its NFTs in Q2

Decentral Games β€” Player Hub v1

  • Decentral Games announced that Player Hub v1 is now live on ICE Poker Flex allowing players to purchase $ICE using $ETH & any other token on any EVM chain

Smash Stars β€” Smashverse Story

  • The team released the story behind smashverse diving into the lore of the origins of the Smash Stars characters and how they will operate as NFT

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