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Blockchain Gaming Recap #14

Castaways Gen 2 Treasure Chest Airdrop, Parallel Free Card Faucet Claim, FORA Beta Tester WL, Guild Saga World Mode v2, Decentral Games New Tournament Game Mode Playtest, Blankos New Map Rotation, Treasure DAO TIP-23, Leela vs The World Playtest & more!

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Castaways — Gen 2 Treasure Chest Airdrop

  • For every Gen 1 Treasure Chest that you open, burn or own

  • You will be airdropped a Gen 2 Treasure Chest


PARALLEL — Free Card Faucet Claim

  • Jan 23, 10AM EST is the last day for users to claim a free card from the Parallel Faucet


FORA — Beta Tester Whitelist

  • FORA announced that beta testers will be given a WL spot

  • To apply as a beta tester, join their discord & open a ticket detailing why you deserve to be a beta tester

Guild Saga — World Mode v2

  • Guild Saga announced the launch of World Mode v2 that would include questing & crafting

  • Their medium post also outlined how quest rewards would function such as its primary & secondary on-chain currencies $GGLD & $GGEM as well as NFT Staking

Decentral Games — Metaverse SNG Tournament Game Mode Playtest

  • Decentral Games' Weekly Newsletter detailed a list of site updates including:

    • New sign-in options

    • Playtest launch of their new SNG tournament game mode

    • As well as updated challenge mode rewards


Blankos Block Party — 21 New Parties part of the Brawl Map Rotation

  • Blankos Block Party announced that 21 new parties are now included in the Brawl Map rotation


👁️ Others

TREASURE DAO — TIP-23, New BridgeWorld Harvesters & Airdrop

  • Treasure DAO released an in-depth thread detailing TIP-23

    • Deprecate Atlas Mine to shift to a gaming-first sustainable growth model

    • Remove vesting & unlock all $MAGIC in the Atlas Mine (Jan 25, 8:28PM)

    • Sunset Atlas Mine emissions

  • Included in the thread are the details for the new Harvesters

    • 2 Harvesters that will require soulbound Atlas Mine Harvester Parts

    • First-come, first-served

  • As well as an airdrop of soulbound Atlas Mine Harvester Parts to stakers depending on how much they staked previously:

    • Phase 1: Had staked >= 1000 $MAGIC (Receive 1 AM-HP)

    • Phase 2: Had staked >= 10,000 $MAGIC (Receive 1 AM-HP / every 10k $MAGIC staked)

Playtest for Leela vs The World

  • Leela vs The World, an on-chain AI game being built by Modulus Labs will be having their playtest near the end of January

  • They are selecting the first 500 users who sign up via their form to take part in the playtest

  • They recently were also supported by the Ethereum Foundation with a grant for their research paper titled "The Cost of Intelligence: Proving Machine Learning Inference with Zero-Knowledge"

Preview header to "The Cost of Intelligence," an upcoming survey paper from Modulus Labs and supported via EF grant

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