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Blockchain Gaming Recap #15

Crypto Raiders' new game, Uldor Alpha Playable on Elixir, Beta Registration for Museum Heist, Fractal Expansion to Polygon, Shrapnel SCU NFT Mint, Starfall Arena Launch, AI Arena Playground, Decentral Games Free ICE Poker Wearable Mint, Big Time Airdrop Point System, Forgotten Runiverse Land Mint

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Crypto Raiders — Building Cyber Stadium

  • Crypto Raiders announced that it is building a new 100% on-chain game titled, Cyber Stadium with more details to be announced in February

  • There will be a special event dungeon in Crypto Raiders where players can win tickets to get on the allowlist mint for Cyber Stadium


Uldor — Dread Arena Playable on Elixir Game Launcher

  • Uldor, a PvP Web3 MMORPG announced that their Dread Arena alpha is now playable on the Elixir Game Launcher

  • Users can get on the waitlist for an alpha code by visiting their website

Tetration Lab — Beta Registration for Museum Heist

  • Tetration Lab announced that users can now register to beta of Museum Heist, an on-chain social deduction game

  • More information can be obtained by visiting their gitbook


Fractal — Expands to Polygon

  • Fractal, a web3 gaming platform that provides game developers with tools to solve their blockchain & infrastructure needs announced today that it is expanding to the Polygon Ecosystem with 30 launch partners

  • The company also announced that its product suite, F Studio will be available on Polygon as well in the coming months complete with an NFT launchpad, dedicated gaming asset marketplace, tournaments, developer SDKs, game launcher & a built-in sign-in with Fractal service

Shrapnel — Sigma Containment Unit (SCU) NFT Mint

Shrapnel shows off gameplay for UE5-based multiplayer FPS | VentureBeat

Starfall Arena — Q1 2023

  • Starfall Arena, a web3 MOBA built by the creators of Heroes Evolved released a trailer of its game that is expected to launch in Q1 2023


👁️ Others

AI Arena — Introduced Playground

  • AI Arena introduced Playground, the demo version of their game where players can fight the CPU w/ no AI training

  • Users who beat the Best Mode will qualify for the Beta Competitor Pool


Pixels Online — InfiniPortal Update

  • Pixels Online announced several updates to their game. As detailed in their release notes:

    • Major infiniportal update

    • New small craftable storage entity

    • Timestamps next to chat messages

    • Crafting in bulk available for more resources now

    • Can now load more than 200 integrated NFTs

Decentral Games — Fractal ICE Poker Wearable Free Mint

  • Decentral Games announced that in celebration of Fractal's expansion to Polygon, users can claim a custom Fractal ICE Poker wearable for free on Jan 26

  • Users that mint one, will also get 9 shine airdropped to them so they can enter ICE Poker tournaments for free


Big Time — Airdrop Point System

  • Big Time announced a summary of their airdrop point system accessible via their wiki


Forgotten Runiverse — Land Mint

  • Forgotten Runiverse is trudging along its roadmap as they get closer to their public land mint

  • Users can signup for their allowlist via the following premint link

Image Menu of Selecting a Plot of Land to Mint

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