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Blockchain Gaming Recap #9

Treeverse Update, Illuvium: Zero Alpha, Oath of Peak & Forgotten Lands Launch, Undead Blocks Multiplayer Duo Mode, Axie Accessories & more!

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Treeverse Update #13

  • Treeverse gave a glimpse of its development including pre-alpha launch clips, concept art & game engineering updates and their path going forward in 2023

  • One thing I found interesting in particular was a quote from their Lead Game Designer, Angelo wherein he stated that they are about to release the very first public release version of Treeverse which will include dungeon levels, feature character progression through a Knowledge Tree & also include weapon enhancement through the Recasting System

  • The Treeverse team also highlighted their priority for 2023 of creating a great PvP experience (outside the core game loop) in order to expand the universe of Treeverse

Illuvium: Zero Alpha Launch

  • Illuvium announced that its cross-platform F2P industrial building & resource collecting game, Illuvium: Zero will alpha launch on Jan 6

  • Illuvium land holders will be able to playtest for 6 - 8 weeks when season 0 launches (Jan 6) before all data is wiped

  • Season 1 is then slated to launch on Feb 21 in which Alpha Blueprints minted will continue to persist as NFTs before undergoing another data wipe before the beta launch

  • Despite being F2P, only Illuvium land holders will be able to extract tokens or NFTs from the game

Oath of Peak Launch

  • By Yeeha Games, Oath of Peak is a fantasy MMORPG that is slated for early access launch on Jan 5 & global launch on Jan 12

  • Interested users can register via their website

  • A glance at their gitbook reveals that:

    • They plan to launch a dual-token model for their in-game economy on Polygon with a DEX listing in Q1 2023

    • They will release Free Mint NFTs from Q4 2022 - Q1 2023

Forgotten Lands (FORA) Game Launch

  • Forgotten Lands announced that their F2P action-packed TPS game built on top of Unreal Engine 5 will launch on Jan 25 featuring competitive multiplayer game modes such as Battle Royale


Undead Blocks Launches Multiplayer Beta

  • Undead Blocks launched its multiplayer beta with their latest beta build supporting duo mode, which reminds me a lot of Back 4 Blood 🩸


Axie Accessorization

  • Users that released their axies (aka burned them) will receive accessories that they can equip starting next week to customize their Axie's appearance

  • Its interesting to see these developments from Axie Infinity to curb the heavy inflation that they experienced from overbreeding. As of writing:

    • 1.82% of total Axies have since been "burned" 🔥

    • 2.65% of addresses participated in the burning of these Axies

  • Ronin Axie NFT Address

👁️ Others

Stella Fantasy Global Launch (2023)

  • Stella Fantasy gave an overview of updates that will come to their platform and also coincide with their global launch this 2023


Helix Metaverse Catalysts

  • Early 2023 will have a host of catalysts for both Founder Pass Holders & Landowners as they will gain access to their new luxury residences & be able to play select game modes

State of Aurory Address

  • Aurory gave a 2022 year in review of their project milestones and gave a glimpse of what's to come in 2023

Aurory Tactics Launches in Open Alpha with Rank-Based Matchmaking and  Rewards | PlayToEarn
  • Users can try playing Aurory Tactics that the team shipped in their public v0.2.8 release in December

Play AFAR Game Release in 2023

  • Play AFAR gave a small recap of its year after raising $10m and is on path to releasing its game in 2023


MechaFightClub Roosting

  • Irreverant Labs launched roosting, a mechanism to will enable Genesis Mechabot holders to be eligible to earn both $MFC & exclusive mechabot rewards

Star Atlas Early Access Wishlist on Epic Games

  • Star Atlas is a high-fidelity, immersive space adventure & grand strategy MMO built in Unreal Engine 5 that is sustained by a real galactic economy

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