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Playlist V10

Feb 27 - Mar 6

GM! Welcome to the 10th edition of Playlist ๐ŸŽฎ

A weekly newsletter containing a curated list of the weekโ€™s most notable Web 3 gaming reports, podcasts, events, quotes and threads for you to catch up on ๐Ÿ‘‡

๐Ÿ“ Reports / Research / Essays

Ancient 8: Polygon is a game changer for Web3 Gaming & NFTs

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Ancient 8 is Vietnam's largest blockchain gaming guild enabling everyone to build & play in the Metaverse through scholarship, education, community, institutional-grade research, and blockchain software products

Messari: Analyzing the Market Potential of Fully On-chain Games

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Messari is a distributed crypto data library helping researchers, investors and regulators in their decision-making processes by providing funding & data disclosure services

Frostlam (Qiming VC): Unleasing the Secrets to GameFi's Success
A 20-year journey of Open Economic Gaming Mastery

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Qiming VC is a chinese-based VC firm with $9.4billion in capital investing across T&C and healthcare industries

DeFrag DAO: Knights of the Ether Research Report

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DeFrag DAO is an NFT lending protocol on Arbitrum enabling instant NFT loans for Treasure DAO assets

David Amor (Playmint): Digital Physics in On-Chain Games

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Playmint is a game studio building category defining games for the Web3 era starting with on-chain games

Mint Ventures: Limit Break and its DigiDaigaku NFTs are a true Paradigm Shift in Web3 Gaming

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Mint Ventures is a research-driven venture firm that specializes in cryptocurrency and early-stage blockchain projects.

Balthazar DAO - NFT marketplace update (Feb 2023)

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Balthazar DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that funds and supports projects in the web3 gaming space through its Research Portal, Guild Infrastructure, Launchpad & SDK tools for developers

๐ŸŽฌ Podcasts / AMAs / Watches+

FOGcast #33 โ€” NFT Marketplace Drama, Creator Royalties & The Future of Game Monetization

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FOGDAO is a dedicated team of investors, operators, and content creators with a passion for Web3 games creating a place for users to express their ideas, participate in constructive debates & contribute to the ongoing discussion of where the gaming industry is heading towards.

FOGcast #34 โ€” Bitcoin NFTs, CSGOs Success & Gaming NFTs v2.0

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FOGDAO is a dedicated team of investors, operators, and content creators with a passion for Web3 games creating a place for users to express their ideas, participate in constructive debates & contribute to the ongoing discussion of where the gaming industry is heading towards.

Navik โ€” Manish Agarwal (IndiGG): Bringing Web3 Gaming to India

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Naavik is a research, consulting, and advisory firm that enables professionals to master the business of gaming.

๐Ÿ“ Notes / Summaries

Rich Cabrera (Ready Player DAO) โ€” CS:GO GDC 2014 Talk Summary


Ben ( โ€” Reflections on the Web3 Gaming Thesis and how has it evolved from 2021 to now

A ZEUS โ€” Quick thread on Avalon raising $13m to build an interoperable digital universe

Degen Wars โ€” Basic Gameplay Thread

Reboot GG โ€” All about

Andrew Chen (a16z) โ€” Why its going to be hard for AI startups to break into the gaming industry

ggQuest โ€” Thread about ggQuest & its Progression System

Kalos (Parallel) โ€” ETH Denver Gaming Takeaways

Sachi Kamiya (Polygon) โ€” Why am I bullish on Web3 Gaming

Simon (Mighty Bear Games) โ€” What's next for projects that didn't get to raise enough

Makai Witch (Otaku Guild) โ€” Web3 Gaming WL Tier List

Kartoha (Metaguild) โ€” 5 Decks to play around with in Parallel

Recloner โ€” ๐Ÿงต on Mithraeum's 1st Autonomous-Algorithmic Wipe

lordOfAFew (Loot Realms) โ€” On chain gaming teams are realizing the limits of bare EVM / solidity

Vulcan Forged โ€” New Chapter for Vulcan as Vulcan Studios Rebrands

ZTX Financial District โ€” An introduction to the metaverse that Zepeto & Jump are creating

Mystis Game โ€” Intro to Mystis, an on-chain fighting game on StarkNet

Mystic Games โ€” Intro to Mystic Games & their Web3 Roguelite ARPG

Wale.Swoosh (Azuki) โ€” Amazon is building an NFT Marketplace

๐Ÿ“ฐ News / Updates / Action Items

Web3 Gaming News, Launches, Demos, Airdrops & Mints

๐Ÿ” Newly Spotted Projects

  • Block Born Studio โ€” No info yet โ€” more

  • Spectarium โ€” A Nordic, fantasy world RPG โ€” more

  • Bor3d Games โ€” Game Publisher & Studio by Kyler Frisbee (w/ Robin Chan, Matt Sorg & Justin Kan as Advisors) โ€” more

  • Galaxy Throne โ€” Fully on-chain Sci-Fi Strategy Building Game (Won 1st in TRON Hackathon: GameFi Track) โ€” more

  • Dragon Crossing โ€” Web3 RPG launching in May 2023 โ€” more

  • Trudan Studios โ€” Game studio developing KuroroBeast on Arbitrum โ€” more

  • Avalon โ€” Game Studioย building an interoperable digital MMORPG (Recently raised $13m) โ€” more

  • Starfall Gates โ€” Project related to the Web3 MOBA, Starfall Arena โ€” more

  • ZTX Official โ€” Metaverse being built by Zepeto & Jump โ€” more

  • Momometaverse โ€” NFT Metaverse Project โ€” more

  • Magic Block โ€” Web3 studio building on-chain mobile games โ€” more

  • Garbles Fun โ€” Mobile game that cleans up the planet (Developed by Magic Block) โ€” more

  • DCL Studios โ€” Studio for Decentraland โ€” more

  • Reboot GG โ€” Reboot GG is a decentralized, scalable framework for skill-based games that rewards players & developers โ€” more

  • Waifu Force โ€” Waifu Force is a AAAAA multiplayer shooter powered by Worlds Org & Unreal Engine 5 โ€” more

  • Spac3 GG โ€” Space 3 is a Web 3 gaming loyalty platform being developed by Ancient 8 โ€” more

  • Dark Bright Games โ€” Dark Bright Games is a game studio launched by Treasure DAO that is developing Smolville โ€” more

  • Starknet Gaming โ€” Gaming on Starknet (Not much info yet) โ€” more

  • Webe Studio โ€” Web3 Metaverse gaming studio โ€” more

  • Chess Olympiads โ€” On chain Chess โ€” more

  • Shadow War Games โ€” Hero-based web3 hybrid-action title being developed by Patriots Division โ€” more

  • Patriots PMC โ€” Studio developing Shadow War Game โ€” more

  • Bisonic Games โ€” Game Studio behind Runiverse โ€” more

  • Runes TCG โ€” Runiverse-themed Trading Card Game (TCG) โ€” more

  • Warped Canto โ€” Fully onchain PvP MMO RTS on Canto โ€” more

  • Kamigotchi World โ€” Web3 Pet Idle game by Asphodel Labs on Canto โ€” more

  • Fun Dream Games โ€” Istanbul based game studio developing web3 mobile games โ€” more

  • Blink Moon Games โ€” Indie game studio building for cloud gaming โ€” more

  • Echoplus Studio โ€” Game studio building Code Sekaiย โ€” more

  • Code Sekai โ€” Anime Universe being developed by Echo Plus Studio โ€” more

  • Aradena Warrior โ€” Trading Card Game (TCG) being developed by Litoja Labs โ€” more

  • L1523Kick Games โ€” Russian indie gaming studio building Worldshards (Sandbox RPG) โ€” more

๐Ÿ—จ๏ธ Quotable Quotes

Mitch Lasky (Benchmark) โ€” The laziest VC move in games is "pedigree chasing"

Jon (Play Ember) โ€” Web3 UA is a billion $ opportunity for whomever cracks it

Tommy Ngo (Zynga) โ€” Higher user demand than product supply makes Web3 gaming promising. Esp since there's no playbook yet.

Derek Lau (Guild of Guardian) โ€” We are now seeing Web2 gamers onboarded to NFTs, NOT because of good gameplay, but because of the idea of playing for profit

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