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📁 Reports / Research / Essays

Mobile Game Monetization: Strategies, Techniques and Useful Tips

MetaPortal DAO - Game Monetization Part 2: Lessons to learn for New Beginnings

MetaPortal DAO is a research and consulting DAO, with the goal of becoming the go-to experts in crypto-native game governance, monetization and distribution

Ancient8 on Twitter: "Being a fan is the best thing in sports. But what if  you could be even MORE? @FIFAWorldCup is coming . With Fan tokens, fans can  be a greater

Ancient 8 - Tokenizing Fandom & Onboarding Millions of Sports Fans to Web3

Ancient 8 is Vietnam's largest blockchain gaming guild that enables everyone to build & play in the Metaverse through scholarship, education, community, institutional-grade research, and blockchain software products

October Gaming Insights - Delphi Digital

Delphi Digital - October Gaming Insights

Delphi Digital is a research firm providing institutional-grade analysis on the digital asset market.

DappRadar - Metaverse Report #2: Demand for Metaverse Remains amidst Crypto Turmoil

DappRadar is a global app store for decentralized applications enabling users to track, analyze, and discover decentralized applications across multiple blockchains

CMC x Naavik: Blockchain Gaming Q3 2022 Report

Naavik is a research, consulting, and advisory firm focused on enabling games industry professionals to better master the business of gaming.

Counting on a Powerful Group of Investors for a Web3 Gaming Startup

Despite the challenging conditions in the digital asset markets, major investment entities remain bullish on the blockchain gaming industry. The role & importance of investors in Web3 projects is crucial as companies

FTX Collapse & Impact on Web3 Gaming

Sometimes, the worst thing that can happen to a firm is success. The FTX Gaming portfolio suggests a clear lack of investment thesis beyond sheer involvement. Lack of cohesion combined w/ massive growth can be challenging,c_limit,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Web3 Games, It's still all about Content

In the F2P world, great integrations of exciting player owned content have produced more than a few megahits. To truly create utility around digital collectibles, Web3 games will need smart designs to support those assets & deliver on the big promises. What's clear is that its still all about content.*BAcJ-KzSYyAe5Fj6EJFeDg.jpeg

How are NFTs impacting the global games industry

The implementation of NFTs in gaming is certainly a growing trend, one that is representative of the early days of free-to-play and mobile. As we continue to experiment, we'll eventually discover more innovative solutions that will shape the future of the industry resulting in increasingly more successful Web3 games.,h_764,c_limit,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Real Agency - Wizards, Nike Digital Shoes, FTX-backed games and more

Real Agency's newsletter covered Wizards of the Tower of Shade (Deck Building PvP & Adventure Game), Prometheans (Social NFT Game w/ mechanism similar to Nouns DAO), Nike announcing .Swoosh, and the damage of the FTX fallout on Web3 Games (particularly Star Atlas that had significant holdings on FTX) & Jonah's thoughts on how a "Loot Drop Mechanic Royalty System" would work

How money fundamentally impacts player motivations in Web3 Games

The introduction of monetary value into in-game items completely changes player dynamics. Web 3 games will have to explore various incentive mechanisms and game designs in order to create experiences that provide both social & emotional value while also de-emphasizing financial value as the main objective.

🎬 Podcasts / Interviews / AMAs

DoF - How do Gaming Venture Capitalists really work?

Spotlight on Mysten Labs

DoF - Tokenomics #20: Why Mysten Labs raised $300m to build a better Layer 1 for Web3 Gaming

100 Thieves branding by Jared Mirabile on Dribbble

DoF - Why Esports Superstar 100 Thieves is starting a Game Studio

The Deconstructor of Fun podcast dives deep into the economic side of the games industry in search of what makes them not only fun but also commercially successful.

FOGDAO Deep Dive - AI Arena - YouTube

FOGDAO - Deep Dive: AI Arena

Philip Collins on LinkedIn: #blockchain #gaming #crypto #nft

FOGcast #21 - What the collapse of FTX means for Crypto & Gaming

FOGDAO is a decentralized community where people can express their ideas, participate in constructive debates and contribute to ongoing discussions around the future of the gaming industry

Into The Metaverse | Yonatan Raz-Fridman "Yon" | Substack

Into The Metaverse - MiniToon: Building Metaverse-Native Game Franchises

Into The Metaverse | Yonatan Raz-Fridman "Yon" | Substack

Into The Metaverse - Supersocial: Why the Metaverse should matter to Brands

Into The Metaverse - Unanimous AI: Building a Non-Exploitative Metaverse

Into The Metaverse - Gaming's Role in the Emerging Metaverse

Into The Metaverse - Chipotle: Marketing in the Metaverse

Into The Metaverse is a multi-segment podcast focused on deep coverage of the metaverse through interviews with brilliant minds who build, create for, and invest in the metaverse

Battlebound: Ex-Riot Dev Dives into Web3 — Naavik

Metacast - Battlebound: Ex-Riot Dev dives into Web3

Investing in Web3 Gaming with Magic Eden - The Metacast by Naavik - YouTube

Metacast - Investing in Web3 Gaming w/ Magic Eden

How to Choose a Blockchain + FTX!? - The Metacast By Naavik - YouTube

Metacast - How to choose a Blockchain for your Game

Safary 🦁 (@Safaryclub) / Twitter

Metacast - Building the Web3 Marketing Stack

The Metacast by Naavik is a business-focused exploration of the companies, trends, strategies and leaders that are defining the future of games


j0eferrara (Ava Labs) - UX Alpha for Games

lordOfAFew (Loot Realms) - Michelin Guide to On-Chain Games

McKenna (ROK Capital) - Thoughts on current Web3 Gaming deals in Primary Markets

Eetherway (Influence) - Games built on Web3 rails lead to more vibrant Community Tools

Andrew Chen (a16z) - Why building the Metaverse is hard

Kevin Lambert (Koin Games) - Why P2E is dead, what will take its place in Web3 Gaming & how this sparks the next Bull Market in Crypto & NFTs

Jonah Blake (Real Third Web) - Why On Chain Video Game Achievements will become massive financial tools

Anil Das-Gupta (Blast Royale) - Weekly take on Gaming: Slush Edition

Sparkc (Wolves DAO) - How to find the next BIG & FREE Gaming Mint

reNFT - Types of Gaming NFTs & how NFT rentals are set to take over the gaming market

📰 News / Updates / Action Items

🔍 Newly Spotted Projects

  1. [GAME] Summoners War: Chronicles. Action RPG based in the Summoners War Universe

  2. [GAME] Kasumi Dungeons. Indie Arcade Dungeon-Crawler being built on Treasure DAO

  3. [INFRA] Visions DAO. Decentralized Module Stack for on-chain business simulation games

  4. [GAME] Mystis. Game on StarkNet

  1. [GAME] Lazarus. Open World MMO being built by Dais Labs

  2. [GAME STUDIO] Dais Labs. Studio building out Lazarus with their first title being Animal Kart, a multiplayer racing game incorporating a play-to-mint structure to reward players for competing & racing against one another

  3. [GAME STUDIO] Bloom Game Collective. In Stealth

  1. [MARKETPLACE] OwnableX. Marketplace for gamers & collectors

  1. [INFRA] Nefta. End to End Web3 Game Platform for launching & operating Web3 Games

  1. [GAME] Project Apidom. MOBA game in the miniverse

  1. [SOCIAL] Breach. Social platform for gamers

  1. [GAME] Age of Metalands. Mystical world combining playability & ownership (By Brain Labs)

  1. [GAME] Crypto Towns. On Chain Medieval Town Builder game by Emerson Hsieh & tax cuts

  1. [GAME] Stratagems. Persistent & permissionless board game where 4 colors compete for control of the board

  2. [GAME] Prometheans. Social NFT game by Giancarlo


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