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Co-evolving towards a ↑Higher Civilization (Part 3)

Realizing the Realms of Reality

Who are you?

I haven't got a clue. Yet I know three things about you:

  1. You are unique. There is no benchmark, it really is n=1

  2. You construct your reality based on your unique conscious coordinates

  3. You, too, fight a battle we know nothing about

Who am ?

In Part 2 we explored the Four Levels of Life. Where I am playing at defines the story I am telling myself and others. In ascending order of the map, and loosely in chronological biography:

  1. Victim: I was abandoned, adopted and beaten up at home. I have been misunderstood as an undiagnosed neurodiverse. Not knowing any better, I married the wrong woman and got stuck in a co-dependent marriage for 13 years. I was angry and played the blame & shame game.

  2. Creator: I decided to become self-employed and divorced. I became a good father and reliable coach, facilitator, sparring partner, and friend. I reimagined myself and became a psychedelic coach and web3 enthusiast.

  3. Co-Creator: I attracted the polar-opposites in terms of the Big 5 Traits (agreeableness, extraversion, conscientiousness, openness & neuroticism) for both my romantic and business partnerships. They complement me towards wholeness and help me let go of the need to be right and in control of the process on a daily basis.

  4. Inter-Becoming: I have forgiven everyone including myself for who I was. In 2014 I nearly died. I was ok with that; total non-duality. Since then, I had sincere conversations with trees on psychedelics, and received telepathic instructions as a psychedelic space holder. I know that reality is not what it seems and sense that there is a Cosmic Game. Humans won't be the end of evolution. My role is to help the universe to attain a ↑higher level of self-consciousness.

I am all the above. On a good day I identify mostly with #2 and #3, on a bad day I regress a bit back to #1, and on psychedelic journeys and during my morning combo of breathwork and mediation I experience the gist of #4. That's the reality I construct.

What about you? Yourself Your Self?

The Illusion of the Self

Since Descartes (Plato really) humanity separates mind from matter. What solved a dire problem at the end of the Dark Ages (the separation of church and state) created an unintended second order consequence: the story of separation.

The Century of the Self by Adam Curtiz changed my world view. It's an eye popping four hour deep dive into how the ideological descendants of Sigmund Freud effectively created PR and Marketing. The U.S. deep state back then wanted to find a way to "control the minds of the masses in peace time" - by making us crave what we don't yet have...and to keep up with the Jones's...while feeling more and more lonely and incapable of being just with ourselves.

From Separation to Inter-connectedness

My favourite philosopher in this regard is Charles Eisenstein: we need to reconnect with ourselves, one another and nature; then the more beautiful world our hearts knows is possible can become reality. Check out this beautiful animated clip and this his seminal work on Sacred Economics.

Realms of Reality

In Part 2 you learned about the Psychedelic Map For Change. At centre of this work are the various realms of reality. Take a deep breath, have a look and make sense of the map below. Maybe close your eyes and travel from the inner circle of the Self to the outermost the Cosmos.

When you reflect on the above, what is the most astounding fact? The most astounding fact - imho - is the Knowing, that you are all these realms and they are all inter-connected. Here is how I experience this:

  • Self: My individual consciousness, thoughts, emotions, sensations in the body, are shaped by interactions and external influences as well as interoceptive signals from my body. How it feels to be me is the essence of this realm, and my nervous system creates a mix of pleasant and unpleasant neuro-transmitters moment-by-moment: dopamine, serotonin, cortisol etc.

  • Relationships: My interactions and bonds weave me into the social fabric. Every relationship, whether in a team at work or in private is an entity with a life of itself that I co-create. People who trigger me are often a mere mirror of the behaviour I don't like in myself.

  • Organizations: There is no such thing as the organisation. I am the organisation as much as you are, and together we form start-ups, corporates, political parties, networks or DAOs. Study ant colonies and for a deeper understanding of Ethereum: emergence occurs when a complex entity has properties or behaviours that its parts do not have on their own, emerging only through their interaction within a wider whole.

  • Humanity: I am a consumer and citizen. It makes a difference whether I shop second hand or not, or consume less. I can make a stand and go to a rally against Brexit or stay home and watch tennis on TV. I can doom scroll on FB or IG or delete my profile (done both). I can ape into the re-emercence of $CUMMIES or not (didn't). I have a lot of agency over my choices. I hardly ever complain about politicians, or spend time blaming corporations. I critic by creation and doing my best every day.

  • Earth: I share a ton of DNA with ants, bananas, and trees. I breath the same air, drink the same water, that all life of earth needs to function according to its genetic instructions. I do believe in James Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis, that Planet Earth is a self-regulating complex system, a ↑higher organism that I cannot grasp until I understand what dolphins, bees or fungi know about keeping life alive.

  • Cosmos: The atoms in my meatsuit originate from former stars that went supernova. On some psychedelic journeys I experienced total ego death, and I felt I am the universe feeling it self. My hunch is that consciousness is something like dark matter.

Ok, if this section was perhaps a bit too esoteric for you, that's totally fine: you construct your reality, and I do mine. What we can agree on is that the artificial separation of matter and energy is silly. Even Einstein knew this before went into the ether, but he couldn't rectify his Theory of Relativity with the then emerging theory of quantum mechanics. His surrendering words on quantum entanglement were simply: "spooky action at a distance".

Energy follows attention

The focus of my thoughts and awareness directs my mental and physical energy towards that point of focus, influencing outcomes and manifesting results in line with where I choose to concentrate my attention.

For a few years I intensively focused on building the best romantic relationship I ever had and still have. Now I am focussing more on being a builder as I want to contribute to various web3 organisations or networks.

What do you pay attention to in your daily life? What realms of reality do you mainly construct with your attention? Are mindful about that? Or are you lost in thoughts most of the time? (even if they are good or creative, you might still not be aware of them as they arise; meditation helps to turn the lights on. I meditate daily with Sam Harris's app.

Here are more coaching questions I often use in my practice:

What’s going well for you in each realm?

What’s holding you back?

How are you contributing to outcomes in each realm you say you dislike?

How do you make meaning of this?

You see, the world is exactly as it is, because you and everyone and everything is the way it is. In the graphic above you see small green arrows, and on the left it says: how it might be.

Change the world? Change yourself

If you do want to change something about yourself in earnest whilst reading this, I inveite you to stop reading, and change: change can only happen in the here-and-now. Reflecting about change is bound to the past, planning to change is aimed at the future.

The Single Truth

"We inhabit an infinitely evolving material reality...Our experience of being is only ever momentary totality. The past is inaccessible, the future unknown. We all occupy a set of conscious coordinates that no others may occupy. Simultaneously we are only ever a single happening." - SpiritDAO

Speed and control vs complexity and impact

In the graphic with the green circles above you find two dials: the further you zoom out the more complex any coordination becomes, but also the more impact you can have. There is a reason why Ethereum is sticking to its core values to build the World Computer as a Hyperstructure.

Also, the more you zoom out the less you control and the longer changes typically take.

Hence, it is fundamental to be clear about your intention on who you want to become and how you want to show up. Your intention will prime your attention, which is where your energy will flow.

Rounding up, I want to stress that you can have agency: you can manifest anything you want. You can step away from the screen when your ↑higher self knows it's time. You can delete your X account (I plan to do this by the end of 2024).

And then, you and I will fuck it up, and that's ok - life is just to complex to fully grasp it. Just like our ancestors surely didn't intend to let patriarchy emerge by inventing the plow (and other developments) all our actions will have a Butterfly Effect, now and forever.

Click on image to see the actual glitch art by @tinyrainyboot on opensea

This is the third of six planned articles.

Part 1: Crypto needs to aim for a higher consciousness

Part 2: Level up in the Game of Life

Part 4 – Commit to the Cycle of Change

Part 5 – Compound your Consciousness of Choices

Part 6 – Idea for a very different Farcaster Client

I hope this will prompt comments, critique, ideas and above all: higher ↑vibrations.


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