Let's Bloom from Gloom

Why I am becoming a $GLOOM OG

It's not all doom and gloom, actually.

Yet some gloom is good. Why?

The term "gloom" refers to a state of partial or total darkness, often conveying a sense of dimness or shadowiness. It also denotes feelings of sadness, depression, or a lack of hope. The word can describe both a physical atmosphere and an emotional state, capturing a sense of despondency or melancholy.

"Gloomy," describes an environment that is overcast and depressing. It can also refer to a mood or outlook that is pessimistic.

Given the gloomy state of the world (society, economy, nature etc.) it might well soon be gloom season in web3. Yet, we are at the beginning of another cracy bull market. Well, enter $GLOOM a fairly new (Feb 24) meme coin on Base with some bold aims (more on that later). Token contract here.

Wait, but why am I interested and investing in a project that sounds all doom and gloom? I am not known to be a PESSIMIST.

I seem to be in good company: turns out, that $GLOOM holders are mainly OPTIMISTS, as this Ponder Survey suggests:

I identify mainly as a PRAGMATIST with both OPTIMIST and PESSIMIST moments, which is why I love the Gloom project and its potential: I am a bridge builder in many respects, so maybe I can also connect the lightness and darkness in the observable onchain universe?

I have been in crypto for three years, and am astounded by the level of dunking, blaming and shaming, emanating from what I call victimhood. Takes one to know one...

Rewind 10 years: I primarily experienced life happening to me. I was in victim mode playing the blame and shame game. I coped with my co-dependent marriage and volatile fatherhood with cheating, drugs, porn and masturbation. I was on track to become a bad ancestor. Life was gloomy you might say.

Yet, my insatiable zest for life let me on a brighter path and today, at 50, I experience life primarily as happening by me (creator mode) and as happening through me (co-creator mode. Life is blooming in and around me you might say.

How did I achieve this transformation? Well, it took years of therapy, assisted by psychedelics, a divorce, a spiritual awakening, and the right partner at my side. Plus, scratching my own itch, I developed the Psychedelic Map For Change; a holistic self-coaching tool that can help people, amongst other things, to cross the threshold from victim to creator and then co-creator with the ultimate aim to become an inter-becoming.

  • It is important that we, here onchain and IRL, do not by-pass the shit show that the outgoing generation has created; they did their best, and we also massively profited from that. Now it is on us to clean up the unintended consequences of their choices.

  • Case in point: the mental health crisis in general, and especially amongst Gen Z; the 25% of teenage girls at risk of suicide is not just a statistic to us, we have experienced this first hand in our fam.

  • I don't know how and when, but I sense that Gloom, as a project, community, token etc. might contribute to the improvement of mental health, especially in crypto where people have NFT PTSD and assumedly don't touch grass enough.

  • My partner and I, both new to consumer crypto, have started the channel /innerwork on Farcaster; @ruv is a Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, a positive and progressive form of relational therapy devised by Dr. Gabor Mate who asks: “The question is not why the addiction, but why the pain.” I am a transformational and psychedelic coach, and together, we can offer holding space for people who want to create bloom from gloom e.g. in monthly sharing circles or by sharing our life wisdom in live streams.

  • We are big $MOCHI and Mochimon holders bc we think that this meme coin project with utility (toys, game IP), will grow in the wake of the Pudgy Penguins (PFP collection by same artist Antoine Mingo). Both are poised to form the bedrock of the Disneyland corner of consumer crypto: fun and light entertainment for families. Yet, we all know that where there is light there must be darkness, and somehow I sense that both meme coins could be two sides of the same coin...(pun intended)...imagine an unfolding story somewhere in the emergin metaverse involving Mochimon cats and Gloomer faces...that would be co-creation on another level!

  • Lastly, we aim to launch our own token in future, $INNER and relate this to POIW: Proof Of Inner Work. If @Bixbite and her growing team can pull it off, we might even want to launch this on their specific Farcaster Client, which wants to enable communities to launch their own token and allow tipping these directly in casts. Here is a very first rough roadmap:

Rounding off, a statement by the ETH Whale called Tetranode on Bankless podcast: "I only invest in DeFi projects where I can be the biggest holder bc I want the team to have to listen to my feedback and execute improvements."

My ego doesn'y need to be the biggest holder, but I do sense that by holding a biggish bag will incentivise me and ruv to actively get involved, shape its overarching narrative, and contribute to the emerging community with our gifts.

How does this resonate with fellow early adopters and shapers?

From gloom to bloom, antaur.

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