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The cat is cute

My First Meme Coin

You ape into shit coins and memes.

I do deep due diligence into DeFi D'apps and ReFi protocols.

We are not the same.

That was my mental model until 9th December 2023.

Fast forward two months, and tokens from the mochiverse are my biggest bags, far out on the risk curve! Wait, but why? It all started with me reading this tweet seconds after it was posted:

Return on Luck

Sahil Bloom classifies four types of luck, of which three are at play here:

  1. Luck from Uniqueness: Occurs when your unique set of attributes attracts specific luck to you. It actually seeks you out.

    See, I follow Yuga bc he is a dev at Coinbase AND an orchestra conductor. I am a bridge builder of all sorts and love unusual intersections - and I played the clarinet as a teenager in a symphonic orchestra. Hence, without classic music, no $MOCHI for me. Thanks for this consequential post Yuga!

  2. Luck from Motion: You’re creating motion and collisions through hustle and energy that you are inserting into an ecosystem which opens you up to more lucky events.

    When I do my research it is intensive and fast: I did enough DD in under 2 hours to justify a first invest before the major pamp happened.

  3. Luck from Awareness: The result of your awareness and depth of understanding of a specific domain. This allows you to become very good at positioning yourself for lucky breaks to benefit you.

    I have a teenager son and a few Gen Z nephews and nieces; digital natives, living and breaving internet culture bruh. They think that dog memes are done, and I know how much crypto loves a good capital rotation.

    Plus, my professional experience and DeFi insights helped me to quickly 'validate' Coinbase's mission to onboard the next billion users - via this unique confluence: 110m KYC-ed customers, L2 Base built on OP Stack, Synthetix launching on OP, Coinbase Wallet, Coinbase Ventures, most Bitcoin ETFs using CB as custodial partner, Larry Fink talking tokenisation of RWA on TV etc. I suddenly saw an Amazon-style flywheel. Above all, Base has no native token (yet), and $MOCHI could very well become a proxy for that. Hence, expanded my thesis and went long - and I have never looked back since...

Into the rabbithole

After this first rush, I discovered $TOSHI, named after the other cat of Brian Armstrong. I will write about the should-be-good-but-isn't relationship between Toshi & Mochi in another post. Sign-up if you want to read it.

Being immersed in the TG group is giving me daily dopamine fixes; when I walk in the forest I find my self giggling at the squirrels.

Then came THE mint of the season: mochimons by famed pudgy penguin artist Antoine Mingo. 3333 NFTs sold out in 3 minutes!!! It was my first ever mint... sign-up if you want to read about my roller coaster experience.

Getting deeper into Base finally led me to Farcaster, which is a fascinating ecosystem: #frames is blowing up their servers rn and this never-launched-Facebook-idea promises to improve web3 UX big time. Yet, this is the most astounding fact: so far, Mochi is delivering on its promise to help Coinbase to onboard the next billion users: people exactly like my partner and son, and not because of Papa the Bitcoin Boomer...but because:

the cat is cute.

The moral of this story: I had to come off my high horse, surrender to what people actually want, in order to surf this amazing wave!

Not financial advice. DYOR.

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