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Wen twitter account delete?

On a scale from 1-10, how much do you love being on Crypto Twitter in 2024?

If the answer is not an 8 out of 10 or above, why are you still there? Sunk cost bias? Big audience? Habit?

I'd give it a 5 out of 10, and the only reason why I am still there is a handful to a dozen accounts that I rate highly and look for alpha - AND - who are still tweeting on X first or only. Does this resonate?

That being said, I notice that every time I see a tweet from these influencers, I wish they'd appear in my Warpcast feed. Now, I can't control other people...but what I can control is actively and intentionally keeping this web2 moloch alive versus depleting its energy by exiting the system.

Hence, after only three months on Farcaster, I have internally decided to delete my X account. The big hairy question is when? To check sentiment in Farcasterland, I ran this ponder survey:

17 votes

Half of people would delete this year!!! Hell yes, that's encouraging.

I voted for now-ish as my FC follower count coincidentally surpassed my X count, which are both sub 1K.

I do get that big influencers with 6 or even 7 figures are reluctant to become farcaster-first let alone delete their X account for good. Just don't get behind the curve...remember MySpace, Friendster or FLICKR?

My invitation is to not wait until your farcaster followers surpass your CT. This would be comparing apples with pairs, as the obvious advantage of FC is having a crypto-native decentralised social media platform entangled with thriving ecosystems like Base, Zora and Paragraph. My guess is that 1qDAU on Warpcast is as valuable as 10 followers on X in terms of funnel stats and monetization.

Anyway, I am looking for people who want to create a cohort of cancels: let's agree to delete our X account on Fridays, and to gamify this. Maybe a prediction game on /perl?

I want to make a stand and inspire others to join me and more to follow. Who is interested in orchestrating our collective termination of X and celebrate it publicly on Warpcast? To be clear, I have nothing personal against Elon nor is this a politically-motivated stance. DC me on @antaur.eth if you are interested.

We are the people we have always been waiting for!

Have you complained for years that social media sucks? Well, now there is an alternative! I have deleted my FB and IG accounts years ago, and have never looked back! Not a single doom-scroll moment. It gave me a very powerful sense of agency, without any hard feelings; it was simply time to terminate.

Great, we are early on Farcaster, but that's not the same as not being on X anymore.

If this post triggered you...ask yourselfL why? :-)

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