POP 5: Claire curates HUG, daily AI art auctions and Yee-Haw!

GM everyone!

Fellowship Trust - Launching Daily AI Video Art Auctions

Monday, September 18th, at 13:00 EST
Daily auctions starting at .01 reserve

I was able to speak on a Twitter Spaces this week about curation. Many great examples were shared, but I had to highlight the work that Fellowship Trust does as a golden example.

Starting today, Fellowship will be doing daily auctions of AI video drops. The curation part I want to highlight is that they went DEEP sourcing the 30+ artists for this ongoing drop. This isn’t just alumni or the names that would normally come to mind. They of course drew from existing AI video artists, and previous Fellowship artists like Roope Rainisto and Frank Manzano, but they also drew from 2D AI artists who are expanding their wings. They found several artists who were active in NFTs but hadn’t minted anything yet (Puff Yacht is crazy good!). They also drew from some of the more popular (and skilled) AI video artists that had nothing to do with the NFT space like Nice Aunties! I am excited about this drop. If you are looking for a group that is going hard to expand the space and bring quality work to collectors, look no further. – Pop Punk

Daily.xyz is the platform where the auctions will be each day.
Learn more on their X announcement thread.

10 Different Open Calls Offered by HUG

Curation from top artists like Claire Silver, postwook, Amber Vittoria, and Reuben Wu, combined with the creation of physical art from the art selected, makes this a special Open Call opportunity. Organized by HUG’s Print Shop, there are ten Open Calls over the next several weeks with at least four already open.

Visit HUG Open Calls for more information.

Western Art Department, a new Moment

Thursday, September 21st at 10AM ET
8 1/1 and 1 Edition

Western Art Department returns with a new collection being released on their Foundation World as a Moment. Robert Hagan, Igor Jacobe, Russell Green and Alex Kittoe will be releasing new work. Pop Punk already has his eye on one of these new pieces!

Western Art Dept | Foundation

ClownVamp's "Detective Jack: The Cold Case" on BrainDrops

Monday, September 18th at 13:00 EST
.1 to mint

ClownVamp drops his new collection “Detective Jack: The Cold Case” on BrainDrops this week. 500 AI-assisted works collectively tell the story of a missing woman and the investigation into it.

Clown Vamp is part of AI history and also a proponent for better education about it. He will join us at 10 AM ET this Thursday on Spaces to discuss his new collection and the history of AI art. We cannot wait to hear more about the mysterious case of Detective Jack and AI history!

Learn more on their Twitter announcement thread.

Strange History: Conquest - Open Call

Open Call - September 5th through September 28th

Strange History continues to be a hub for the AI space! ‘Conquest’ is their new video AI collection. The deadline to enter this Open Call is September 28th, but if 'History' is any guide (See what we did there!), get your submissions in early as winners may be announced on a rolling basis giving you more time to finalize your work. The theme and requirements are quite specific so do give the full Twitter submission thread a read in full. On the theme…

”Theme: Historical Conquests & Battles /
Style: Any Style AI Video

Think: What if we could go back in time and watch the Norman Invasion of England in 1066? Or a famous battle in history? Perhaps you can create a strange AI video depicting a samurai warrior or conquistador? Use AI video and let your imagination run wild…”

Full Disclosure: Pop Punk listed several pieces in Strange History’s SuperRare drop. He has also collected over a half dozen pieces from the various collections! He also just loves this whole community and is honored to be part of it! We definitely recommend for you to be a part of this creative initiative!

Submission thread with more details


Thanks for taking the time to read. If you have collections, events or Open Calls coming up, we would love for you to submit them on our Google form!

Please feel free to share this email with other artists, collectors and curators!

All the best,

Pop Punk & Clete

P.S. Looking for editions? A number of our favorite artists are part of the "More than Human" World that is dropping twelve different edition for .01 ETH each at Noon ET today!

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