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Open Call with 6 ETH pool to collect

Pop here! I am excited to be on the jury for the 'Unfolding Tales of Cili Regalia' Open Call.

I want to be clear upfront that this isn't a simple create-and-submit Open Call. To participate you need to:

  • Create a Quantum Temple account (5-10 minutes, including connecting your wallet and signing a transaction)

  • Mint a QT Passport on ETH which while is free, does require that you pay gas. There is another option to get the pass via email. This will create a new custodial wallet via ZKlogin on Sui which doesn't have a gas cost involved that I am aware of.

  • Do your submission via Joyn with some of the fairly standard RT/Like/Follow requirements.

I think given the 6 ETH prize pool and the environmental goals of the organization, it is worth it, but as someone who rarely participates in Open Calls because of time issues, I want you to know everything up-front!

Quantum Temple's multi-disciplinary Art Open Call “Unfolding Tales of Cili Regalia” for artists and creators across the globe, working within varying artistic realms: visual art, photography, music, poetry, performance, digital art, and more. Here, diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated as we come together to honor Cili, the Balinese Goddess of prosperity and womanhood.

Echoing the transformative aura of Cili, our contest theme seeks to unravel an artistic introspection into prosperity, fertility, womanhood, the Balinese Rice Culture, and the vibrant cultural tapestry that characterizes our collective heritage. Every creative interpretation brings us closer to understanding this multifaceted deity and the cultural richness she embodies.

Art Submission Details:

  • The work should be inspired by Cili, a goddess of prosperity and womanhood

  • Unminted

  • JPG/MP4, max. 20MB

  • You are requested to put an estimated ETH value in your submission (I would recommend using your existing work as basis for pricing, but you can of course choose whatever method you would like)

  • You have until November 27 to submit your work, but no time like now to get started.

Submissions are accepted via Joyn and you can read more details there as well

A fun way to document a moment - Postino AI


Chikai has created a a postage stamp-style art generator tool that uses AI-prompted creations along with a stamped date. Several artists told us about it in the past month and now it is available for public beta.

"I wanted to create a simple and fun experience that makes it easy for people to be creative in a low-pressure casual way and also trade those creations at a low cost."

Read more about it in Chikai's X thread where you can also find a Discord link to join.

JIVA collection released by Transient Labs

Monday, November 6th at 11 AM ET on Foundation
ARTCRUSH IRL Exhibition November 6th-12th in Ghent, Belgium

Transient Labs is launching their newest collection "JIVA". It is a showcase on how people perceive the human body and the soul. Many great artists will be releasing work including Faithlove, Skilux, Pauline Faieff, TobyDPhotograph, Synchrodogs, Sasha, Katz, Armand, V1ncent, ArtbyEleven, Robinson St. George, and VonSoul. We wish we were in Belgium to see this show in person!

Marketplace news

OpenSea laid off half their workforce according to a The Block article . The OS founder's X thread announced with fairly generic language a pivot to be more innovative and quick to act, but it was very light on details. We have confirmed that this layoff has affected customer support and developer roles.

Magic Eden is launching their new ETH NFT marketplace and Yuga is a partner. Yuga's announcement states that this will be "the first major ETH marketplace contractually obligated to honor creator royalties". While we love artists getting access to royalties, this announcement is super ironic in that Magic Eden was the first marketplace to make royalties optional. Their decision opened the floodgates to our current environment where royalties are generally not enforced.


We enjoyed talking to Roger Dickerman this week on Spaces. His daily NFT art market report has a ton of value, you can check the newsletter here and subscribe if interested.

Nathan Bauman has released 'New York City (2022)' a series of 20 analog street photographs from his archive of work. The work in this collection is available for .10 ETH on Foundation.

Alice Gordon's "Clonism" collection is now live at the Kate Vass Galerie. It is a .05 ETH blind mint.

The Hydro Eclectic collection from Exiles Project artists and guests is available for a few more days. 16 artists have limited editions priced at .01 ETH.

Pop Punk was a guest on the Skalda Space with Taj and AI Collection talking about collecting AI art. The discussion also went beyond just AI.

Weekly Spotlight - Spooky / Halloween / Dark

Happy Monday! It’s Clete here! We’ve decided to share our collaborative spotlight thread here on Pop5 as well to beat the X algo!

Below you’ll find my 10 favorites I picked from wonderful creations submitted for #PopExploresSpooky thread. Go ahead, but if you wish to read it on X and share while at it, you can click here!

Let’s get going!

"The Loneliness Kill Me" by @artrinaeth

1. "Babysitting Night" by @LeMoonSynth and @MoonlightCiara 

The glam of the 70s meets Halloween! An awesome collaborative piece that brings a glamorously horrific uniqueness and a perfectly balanced quirkiness together! A brilliant work of synthetic photography!

2. "WANDERER" by @BRuline_NFT

A lining technique that I personally will never get tired of seeing! Bru's trademark blue-red lining and their wonderful ink work complement the eeriness of this composition in the most beautiful way possible!

3. "Dark Side Harmony" by @ArtBe11a

Clashing beautifully with the uplifting palette and smooth textures of the frame, the idea of embracing our dark sides that we tend to look away from is the perfect kind of spooky to be experienced! Great job! 

4. "The Unheard Scream" by @ZaynJaevedEth 

As much as Halloween is about mostly fun, unfortunately, not all horrors are. ZayN-X does an amazing and moving job with the use of colors, shapes, and expressions to reflect the horror that's been ongoing in Palestine. Intense work!

5. "Smiley The Ghost" by @extazdesigns

A stunning combination of elements of eerie and joyful creates an undead character that has two sides, light and dark, just like us! Great use of colors and textures with a relatable background makes this a lovely mini-story!

6. "Circus" by @RicardoTakamura 

Wonderful depth, framing, and editing skills turn this almost ordinary landscape shot into a lifeless, ominous place where no one would dare to step in! I recommend seeing the full collection on Objkt, as it's an awesome experience!

7. "FEAR PORTRAIT #2" by @aaronsosaphoto 

Yet another wonderful example of great synthetic photography that works so well with the current theme! Great editing skills and creative touches give this piece a next-level quality along with mild spookiness.

8. "dream about death" by @nocrwl 

This scary-at-first then sad in the second glance story has so many aspects to be appreciated. The skillful line work, great coloring, balanced and mindful composition, and occasional pop of bright colors are simply stunning!

9. "NECROMANCER" by @f16michael

Not only a work of great skill but also of great patience! Created traditionally with ink on paper with more than 50 hours of active drawing, this piece invites you to lose yourself in the details created by thousands of little dots

10. "Fading Echoes" by @YedaiArt 

Created with AI, this lonely and somewhat eerie dinner scene where everyone is a no-show forever is a beautiful lament for the ones and the times that are long gone. Either with art or heart, we're all trying to hang on to ghosts of the past!

If you enjoyed all this you can always go back to this art share thread by Pop Punk for more!

Thanks for reading. You can always reply if you want to share something with us! And remember our question for today is Why do you collect? What is your motivation broadly or even what was the thing that got you to collect your last piece?

Pop & Clete

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