Your art in MoMA NFT project, where your mints show up and powerful art

GM everyone!

MoMA comes to NFTs in an artist and community friendly way

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) being in the NFT space is cool. Doing it so everyone can participate and in a way that builds community, perhaps even cooler. Details on this “Postcards” project are starting to filter out...

What is is:

The postcard is the overall minted work on Tezos that has room for 15 stamps and owners. Yours plus 14 more.

The stamp is pixel art you created in the Autonomy app with MoMA color palette.

You create pixel art, your friends do the same, everyone shares their piece with friends, and 15 stamps make up the final postcard piece.


  • You are going to need the Autonomy wallet/app. Everything happens on Tezos, but the Autonomy app facilitates all of it, including invites we discuss at the end.

  • You actually have to create your own piece of pixel art via the app using the MoMA color palette and the app.

  • You “stamp” it. It gets your “postcard” minted and pinned to IPFS (so it can be seen).

  • Then you send your “postcard” to other artists who have stamps that you ask that will added to yours. This is done via messaging platforms.

  • You only have 24 hours from the initial stamp before the card closes.

It sounds like a lot of work, but I can see it being fun if it takes off and your fellow artists also start to do it. It does seem like a big win for the Autonomy app/wallet which I am not familiar with.

The Autonomy teams states that "Postcards will be released in limited quantities each day via QR code or link." So distribution is currently unknown. We asked the team for more information. Remember this project is on Tezos so anyone sending you links that require ETH blockchain actions is scamming. Be cautious, but have fun!

The Autonomy team provides an overview with a few more details.

When you mint work on your own contract, where does it show up?

Pop Punk here. On Friday I did a Tweet about on what marketplaces your art gets displayed on if you mint it on your own contract, and I got so many great additions in the replies that I am including an updated version here.

A quick guide to where your work is display ⏬

OPENSEA: Literally everything… Manifold, Foundation, SuperRare, Makersplace, Joyn, Transient Labs, Known Origin

FOUNDATION: Manifold (ERC-721), SuperRare, Transient Labs, Makersplace, and Known Origin

SUPERRARE: Essentially nothing (As an approved artist you can choose/request to index specific contracts like ones you create on Manifold or Transient Labs)

RARIBLE: What a cluster, while they try to bring in lots of work from different contracts, some things are just off. As an example, they attribute Grant Yun as having created some 8lien and Shibe Shelter PFPs?!? 🤷 Feedback from Nucleo is that the Rarible spam filter isn't reliable and they tend to mix up created with owned.

NINFA: If you have listed something on NINFA previously and thus are in their system, then you can take advantage of their fairly comprehensive marketplace coverage including Manifold, Transient Labs, SuperRare, and Foundation. You can toggle between collections with a click. I don't believe this is available for non-NINFA artists, so the use is fairly limited, more of a bonus.

BLUR: Seems to list ERC-721 collections that reach a certain ETH volume on OpenSea in a certain time frame (I believe it used to be 20, but now seems to be expanding out to as low as a few ETH). And only the volume since Blur launched counts.

What did I get wrong or miss? You can always hit reply on any email including this one to let us know!

OPEN CALL: A birthday party for Claire Silver where the gifts go to her and the prizes to us

Claire Silver is a hero to many in this space including ourselves. Her AI work was early and highly impactful to many artists.

While her last AI art contest was all about the potential for AI video, her new one is a celebration of herself and her birthday. If anyone deserves a bit of a self-nod in our industry that is wrapped in a present to self, Claire is it. Take advantage of this more open theme to submit your work!

Theme: My birthday is soon, so--me. How you see me. Abstract to photorealism.
Medium: Any, as long as AI is prominently featured. Post 1 entry in this thread. Contest ends Oct 17th.


1st: 3 ETH (~$5000)

2nd: 1.5 ETH (~$2500)

3rd: 1 ETH (~$1660)

4th & 5th: .5 ETH each (~$830)

Please do not mint entries--Winners will mint, and I will bid. If outbid, you receive the prize in addition to the collectors bid.

To enter

Powerful new collection provides a personal view of the angst and aspirations of a nation

There is a Country is a new collection by Anonthy Azekwoh that is being released on Foundation this Tuesday at 12 PM ET. It is anchored by No Victor No Vanquished/The Last Day of Biafra a large painting that depicts the last days of the civil war in Nigeria. The physical painting is currently on display at Yenwa Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria. This 1/1 is accompanied in the collection by one open edition and two limited editions.

He was inspired by Jacques-Louis David and Sam Spratt’s work to create a piece with a profound story of the issues in his home country of Nigeria.

From the artist:

This depicts the last day of the civil war in Nigeria.

Capturing the angst and aspirations of a culture caught in an inescapable loop of history. Conceived from 2022, the artwork represents the distillation of exhaustive research and deeply personal reflections into a monumental canvas—a kind of cartography of cultural memory. With each brushstroke, I've woven a rich tapestry of unspoken narratives, punctuated by potent symbols: a flag occupying the upper-right corner serves as both a mournful elegy and a defiant anthem, a burning figure stands as a visceral monument to our collective suffering, and Nsibidi inscriptions imbue the tableau with a lexical subtext, acknowledging a linguistic heritage too often suppressed.

The collection

Detailed thread on the piece

I AM WOMAN to support Iranian women artists

Some might remember, about a year ago we launched the "Say Her Name" collection on Tezos as NFTGoddesses (Clete here!) to be a fundraiser initiative, after the death of Mahsa Amini under police custody started a mass movement in the country and the world. The aim of the collection was to support our sisters in Iran and celebrate womanhood and freedom. Raised 1.45 K Tezos together and supported all the Iranian sisters we could reach. Last Tuesday NFTGoddesses launched a contest for Iranian women to give out the rest of the funds collected to Iranian Women in Web3 art space. Make sure you apply if you meet the criteria! You can also set reminder to join their spaces to talk about your application piece or ask the questions you have on your mind!


"Femme sensuality" is a thoughtful new exhibition curated by Katriana Maruve on Joyn; we love this essay format that also is able to display the art. ArtPacks is bringing an exhibition of all their artists to the CASA NUA in Brazil; we both contributed art to the project. The first part of the “Punks As Told By CryptoPunks” documentary will be released this week on October 10th. "The Out of Bounds' exhibition "challenges the very essence of portraiture" and goes live on the 11th. Creative Collective explores the theme of possibilities in their 12-artist edition drop. SuperRare artwork file size limit has been increased to 250MB. This week's spotlight thread was all about Worlds and other multi-artist collections; see the five selected, but also check out the full share thread for 100+.


Thanks for taking the time to read. If you have collections, events or Open Calls coming up, we would love to hear about them! Just reply to this email!

Please feel free to share this email with other artists, collectors and curators!

All the best,

Pop Punk & Clete

P.S. Our Spaces is one day early this week. We will have Roope Rainisto joining us to talk about some of the tools he uses as well as his art. Would love for you to join us!

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